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Lunch! September 25, 2009

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Ah, Friday is almost over…I can almost taste the weekend!

Today for lunch I had a Healthy Choice Cafe Steamers bowl – Grilled Chicken Marinara flavor – I have had this bowl before and it’s one of my favorites for a quick frozen meal. I love the steamed broccoli mixed in 🙂 I added a torn up string cheese for a little extra something. On the side I had a pink lady apple.



I stopped at the convenience store in the basement of my office building and picked up an Honest Ade Lime-ade drink. I wish I could have enjoyed it, I would compare it to chapstick…it smells good enough to eat, but doesn’t taste good. I loved the smell of this lime-ade when I opened the bottle, but that was all there was, my brain was confused when I took a drink as I could still smell the lime…but I couldn’t taste it! I don’t think I’ll be purchasing this again.


And, finally, for dessert I picked up one of these little babies….yum!! I may have to rescind this morning’s post that candy corn and mellowcremes are my favorite Halloween candy. I forgot how much I love these!



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