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It’s really almost October? September 28, 2009

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This morning was cold…really, cold.  Not as cold as last week when we dipped down into the upper 30s, but something about heading to work when it’s still partially dark and only 44 degrees just makes it seem colder.  I did use my new pashmina though…which definitely brightened a dreary morning.

Rewinding a bit to last night, Dexter was awesome!  I seriously don’t know how he’s going to get himself out of this one, and John Lithgow seems like he’s going to be a great/creepy villan this season.  For dinner, as promised, we had “Killer” Turkey Burgers – I served mine with marinated mushrooms, inspired by this post plus some Stubb’s BBQ sauce, Tillamook cheddar and an onion bun (the husband just had an onion bun with cheese and BBQ, since he’s boring and doesn’t like mushrooms).  So doesn’t know what he’s missing as the mushrooms were awesome!  I spiced up the burgers with some parmesan cheese and these spices


On the side we had homemade french fries (white potatoes cut up and boiled for 10 minutes in pot of water with a dash of EVOO then dried off and tossed with fry seasoning from an unnamed restaurant, then baked for about 30 minutes at 450) and peaches.


After dinner I munched on some Newman’s Own caramel cups that I’d picked up at the store earlier in the day, hubby munched on some Newman’s Own Peanut Butter cups and we swapped one each.  These were good, as they are all natural and only 150 calories for all 3 cups…but the dark chocolate was a little too bitter for my taste.  I definitely would try them again in the future though.

cupsAfter the cups didn’t quite satisfy my sweet tooth I found an unopened bag of sour patch kids in the pantry and ate way too many.  Maybe that’s why I couldn’t fall asleep last night??  After Dexter (and all the teasers for the rest of Season 4 that Showtime showed after Dexter) I watched last week’s episode of Top Chef (definitely glad about the chef who went home, he just hasn’t been very consistent all season) and Vampire Diaries (it’s like Dawson’s Creek…but with Vampires!) while prepping black bean soup for the crock pot.  Can’t wait to dig into that tonight!  The changing weather has been sending my taste buds into overdrive for fall/comfort food flavors.

This morning, after last night’s sleepless night, I was way too grumpy for cereal and stopped by Ink!  to pick up a Blended White Caramel drink and then stopped in the food court of my office building for a breakfast sandwich, it looks greasier in this picture than it was…although it was greasier than ones I’ve gotten there in the past.  It definitely hit the spot now and I’m feeling much more awake/less grumpy.


Things at work will be quiet here the next week or so, then we’ll be super busy again til mid-November, so this week is just busy work and odds and ends to get ready.  But, I’d better get started with said busy work…so have a wonderful day everyone!


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