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Sleepy morning… September 29, 2009

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My flannel sheets would not let me out of bed today!!  They totally held me captive, so I suppose this morning’s 2 miles will just have to happen tomorrow.  Funny how the last 3 weeks of marathon training seem the hardest…I’ve never liked tapering and this time around is no different.  After weeks and weeks of high mileage, as things are starting to drop off I just feel like “why even run 2 miles.”  But, I’m bound and determined to get back on track tomorrow and finish out these last 3 weeks strong – I just did 15 weeks of training…what’s 3 more!

Last night I was greeted by our Allstate quarterly good driver rebate check in the mail – I love that thing!  So, as per usual, instead of eating the black bean soup that had been simmering away all day, we stuck it in the fridge and headed to the Chinese Food restaurant we love.  And then proceeded to devour it.  We made the mistake of leaving out our leftovers while we watched 3 episodes of True Blood and by 9:30 every last scrap was gone!  It was delish though 🙂

This morning I had a nice bowl of this, with a glass of orange juice and a banana.

specialkchocolatedelightReally tasty, and I felt naughty eating chocolate for breakfast (and there is TONS of chocolate in a bowl) but, like normal, I’m hungry again 2 hours later.  Cereal by itself just doesn’t fill me up for long, tomorrow I’ll remember to have toast or something on the side.

Today is more of the same, busy work, waiting for October, and counting down to the weekend.  Back later!


3 Responses to “Sleepy morning…”

  1. ellenrunsnyc Says:

    yummo for chocolate! I find that peanut butter is the only thing that really holds me over either on toast or a piece of fruit and if I am really starving I got for it mixed in to a pack of oatmeal.

    And I totally agree about the last 3 weeks being the worse!

    • hogeruns Says:

      I agree! I really like having an English muffin with either PB or almond butter and banana slices with my cereal, we got crunchy almond butter by mistake a while back and I’m obsessed with it now 🙂

  2. Chris Says:

    I save all the chocolate bits till the very end and eat them all at once. Oh yeah!

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