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Almost 1/2 way there… September 30, 2009

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Tomorrow’s Wednesday, so we’ve almost made it 1/2 way to the weekend!  I think Wednesdays is my 2nd favorite day (after Friday, of course) because it’s the sign you’re at least heading toward the weekend…and I’m ready for the weekend already.

As I mentioned in this morning’s post, I was hungry, so I stopped at El Azteca and got a cute little $3 breakfast burrito.  I love the salsa they put on the side the most 🙂  And, after snacking on this I finally felt full.


Around 11 I started to get nibbly again and snacked on another TLC bar and Babybel cheese.  I can’t believe I had forgotten we bought these cheeses!


Lunch time was a disaster.  I had grabbed this Hormel meal out of the cabinet to try (Chris had bought it while he was traveling for work a few weeks back and doesn’t have a microwave at work…so if I didn’t take it it was going to sit in the cabinet forever).  The package looked like it could be promising, I’ve had some of these meals in the past that were really good (chicken & dumplings got a thumbs up last winter).  This one was chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy.


So, I popped the meal into the microwave at work (after having a discussion with a co-worker about how said microwave was probably set on “nuclear” instead of “high” because things always burn/boil over, even if you just cook them for a few seconds)…and set the microwave for 90 seconds.  Mistake #1 – you NEVER cook something in that microwave for as long as the directions say.  Mistake #2 happened at my desk, I didn’t wait long enough to peel back the protective paper and the gravy was still boiling hot and sloshed all over my hand…leaving these red marks on my knuckles:

handInstead of running to the bathroom to wash the burning hot liquid off my hand, or grabbing the stack of napkins I keep in my desk for just such a mess…I proceeded to wiggle my hand around in the air (imagine swatting at a fly, very rapidly while cursing) and in the process sprayed burning hot gravy all over my cubicle.  I was able to calm down enough to wipe off my hand and then wiped down my desk and went to wash/cool off my hand.  After all that, I came back and took a bite (after carefully removing the remaining protective wrapper)…and…it was…gross!!!  Similar to the limeade I tried earlier this week, I could smell chicken and mashed potatoes…but it tasted, kind of like cardboard.  Bleh!!  I walked a couple blocks to Green and ordered my fall back lunch, a Cobb Salad “Handheld” – on the outside, looks like a mild-mannered chain burrito, right?

warp 1But on the inside it was loaded with fresh romaine lettuce, tomatoes, a hard boiled egg, grilled chicken, bacon bits and I swapped onions for kalamata olives.  The vinaigrette that comes on this salad is really good as well!  On the side I had this pink lady apple.

appleAnd then, a piece of 5 Gum.  Do you have a favorite type of gum?  5 came out last year (I think it was) and I was hooked.  I have the blue and green flavors on my desk right now, but I think I’ve tried every flavor…I have a problem buying gum at the checkout stand.  We actually have a whole little drawer full of gum…but I have one piece and then I move onto the next kind if it’s not a favorite.  5 is one of the only kinds that I’ll finish the entire pack, much to my hubby’s dismay 🙂

gumFinally, around 4 I had a pack of Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies, we got a giant box of cheddar/honey graham/chocolate graham bunnies at Costco and they’ve become a good fall back snack for when I don’t feel like putting together trail mix for us.

bunniesToday was kind of a boring day…wake up, go to work, nearly burn off hand, come home, watch True Blood with hubby, blog, go to bed.  Not a bad day at all (hello – True Blood with the hubby…fun!!) but just one of those days where it feels like you’re going through the motions.  Since tomorrow starts the downhill slide to the weekend (especially this week since we get to wear jeans on Thursday AND Friday this week…the small things are so exciting), I’m going to make sure to start off on the right foot.

*  Get in 2M run early tomorrow morning to stay on track with week #16 of marathon training

*  Eat a better breakfast so I’m not ravenous all day

*  Remember to bring Dexter by Design on the light rail…it’s been sitting lonely in the car all week while I finished The Year of Living Biblically

*  Keep a good attitude at work for as much of the day as possible, even though days seem really long right now while we’re waiting to get busy again

*  Enjoy a healthy, delicious dinner with the hubby

*  Finish watching season 2 of True Blood…for the second time

So, I’m full of goals for tomorrow…how about you?  What do you hope to accomplish/make happen before this weekend?

Good night!


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