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Happy Hump Day! September 30, 2009

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I’ve been quite productive this morning and am definitely checking things off my “goals for Wednesday checklist.”  Some days the alarm goes off at 5 (or 4-4:30 on speedwork days) and I want nothing more than to roll over and go back to sleep, but this morning I woke up naturally at 4:57 and was ready to go.  We’ll see if the same can be said for tomorrow’s 4:30 wake-up call!  I got dressed and was prepared to get bundled up and walk over to the gym…til I looked at our outdoor thermometer and saw…56 degrees?!?!  Yikes!   So, I threw on some running capris and a tee shirt and enjoyed a dark, but warm 2.17 miles outside (in 22:13…so just over 10 min/mile pace).  Taper for the marathon has started, so expect to see lots of 2,3, and 4 mile posts.  Tomorrow is 5 miles of speedwork, which is downgraded from the 8-10 miles of speedwork I’ve done the last few weeks, the end of training is in sight!

After my run I came back to the apartment and packed Chris and I’s lunches and got breakfast together.  This morning I remembered to bulk up my breakfast a little and in addition to my Special K Chocolatey Delight I had an English Muffin with crunchy almond butter and 1/2 a banana (split that with Chris) and a glass of Simply Orange OJ.  We try to stick with either Simply Orange, Tropicana or Naked OJ around our house – no added sugar, and not from concentrate.  Breakfast was 2 hours ago and I’m still feeling full!

breakfastAfter breakfast it was the typical mad dash for both of us to get out the door and head to work, but, I did take time to take a picture of my Lush Lemony Flutter cuticle cream which worked wonders on my hands last night.  Over the last week I’ve developed tons of little nicks along my cuticles as the dry, cooler air moves in for the fall (ok, the air here is always dry, but it is cooler).  I totally forgot we’d bought this when we were in San Fran last month and slathered my cuticles and rubbed the excess into my hands.  This morning they feel so much better!  Definitely going to keep up on this.

cuticleThe closest Lush is about 40-45 minutes away (each way), so I have to make this jar last for a while!  I am going to look into more beauty products to bring home that are more natural, I love the Pink Organics line from Victoria’s Secret and currently use their shower gel, shaving cream and body lotion. I love the shea butter scent, very decadent without being overpowering.  I’ve been reading a lot about parabens lately and last night I scanned the labels of all of our shower/lotion products and found paraben in all but about 5 products (my VS and Aveeno products)…depressing!  I’m definitely going to focus on weeding parabeen out of the bodycare products that are on my skin for an extended period of time – sunscreen, body lotion and makeup.  I don’t mean to be one of those people who jumps on the “carcinogen” band wagon every time a new theory comes out, but with the amount of cancer in my family (and having a scare myself at the age of 23-24), I will always choose to cut something out of my life if I can find a suitable replacement, I’d much rather put natural things into and on my body than take a chance with chemicals.  This is definitely an attitude I’ve come to embrace more over the last year, so it’s still a learning and growing process to bring the best things into our home, but Chris and I are really commited to it 🙂

Anyway…now I’m at work and after sitting next to a woman on the light rail who cleared her throat three times in a row every 5 or so minutes for the entire 35 minute ride I was feeling a little germy and grabbed an OJ from the free-soda machine.  It is from concentrate, and not the best OJ I’ve ever had, but it has vitamin C and is a better choice than coffee for me this morning 🙂


One last picture before I sign off – it’s really blurry because I snapped it while walking from my car to the light rail train this morning and would have missed my train had I stopped to set up a nice picture…but the sunrise this morning was too beautiful not to try to capture it! It was awesome with the dark grey cloudy sky, the red clouds just above the horizon and where the sun was starting to peek over the horizon looked like it was on fire.  I can’t believe I used to not be a morning person…I missed so many of these!



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