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Much better than yesterday September 30, 2009

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This time yesterday I had nearly burned off my finger and tasting a nasty lunch and couldn’t get full…today, much better!

Around 10:30, I snacked on a single-serving tub of hummus, some carrots and a Babybel cheese.  I love these hummus packs, they come in a big box at Costco and are perfect for dipping.


After my snack my throat was feeling a little wonky (I don’t know if it’s allergies, or being a hypochondriac after that lady on the train this morning coughing all the way downtown or a cold) so I grabbed a packet of tea – this was a really nice apple/cinnamon flavor, it tasted good, once I got past it smelling just like an apple spice candle.

teaEverything is always better when you drink out of such a cute mug as this:

mikeThis is my Monster’s Inc mug that I got last year while Chris and I were on our honeymoon in Orlando.

Chris and I

I took a quick break at 11:30 to walk over to Wal-Greens and look at paraben free cosmetics.  I was disappointed to not see any paraben free mascara…I’ll have to keep looking there.  I did pick up some Burt’s Bee’s hand cream and body butter and a Yes to Carrots trial sized kit with body wash, shampoo and conditioner.  I also picked up another of their lip balms in melon flavor. I have the mint and berry already and really enjoy how smooth they go on.


These may have also managed to end up in my basket…


I brought a can of Amy’s Minestrone Soup for lunch, and mixed in a Frigo mozzarella string cheese for a little extra “something.”  I hadn’t tried this soup before and really liked it, tons of veggies and pasta and a nice flavor.

soupOn the side I had a piece of this weekend’s focaccio…it looks a little sad after being in my lunch bag for a day.

breadI also had some grapes and broccoli…I think that I steamed the broccoli a little too long and then let it get cold, it was not good and ended up in my trash 😦  The grapes also look a little more sad than they did this morning when I packed them.


I have a great idea for dinner tonight, I can’t wait to tell you how it goes!!


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