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Bleh. October 2, 2009

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The title sums up the last couple days in a nutshell.  Do you ever have one of those weeks you just feel like everything’s off?  That’s me this week, big time.  I’ve let all my good habits fall to the wayside and fell back into some old habits that I just don’t enjoy that much (sleeping in and working out at night, eating out instead of cooking, skimping on breakfast, worrying, etc).  I’m taking a blog-break yesterday and today to let myself kind of recharge in the privacy of my own thoughts…and then I’ll be back good as new tomorrow!

Some goals for the “back to normal me” of tomorrow are:

1.  Get back on a morning workout schedule instead of waiting until after work since I’ll be working lots of overtime again soon

2. Get back to eating a healthy breakfast after said workout

3.  Get back on the no-coffee band wagon

4. Enter my 12 week study plan (for the…ahem, CPA exam attempt #3) with a good attitude and focus on how close my last score was to PASSING instead of the fact that it was FAILING

5. Put up Halloween/fall decorations and focus on not the family that I’ve separated myself from over the last year, but the amazing family that I have now

6. Get back to cooking dinners – Sunday after my long run I plan to prep a bunch of stuff for the week (baking chicken, making bread, etc) so we have quick and easy whole-food dinners ready to heat up during the week (to save our tummies and hubby’s time since he’s the main cook when I get busy at work).

Ok, those are the big ones, I’m sure there will be more to come!

What are your plans for the weekend?  My plans this evening are to get in a 5 mile run – it will either be speedwork or “go as fast as you can work” depending on how I feel when I get home/how windy it is (we’re in the midst of a cold front).  After that I plan to shower, get in my PJs (and fuzzy slippers) and curl up on the couch with the husband – either with customary Friday night takeout or spaghetti depending on if we feel like cooking and then watch a movie, or watch the 1  bazillion episodes of Dinner Impossible we have taped. Tomorrow I plan to sleep in, make some type of pancakes for breakfast and maybe experiment with the sweet potato brownie recipe I found in this month’s Clean Eating magazine. Sunday will be spent on the trail for my last pre-marathon 20 miler…can’t believe the marathon’s 15 days away!  After the long-run will be shower, a trip to Baskin-Robbins (we have a coupon…and I’m burning 2,000+ calories so I can eat what I want, lol) and lots of prep work for next week’s eats and studying.

On a side note – I got my first lunch break manicure today and I’m hooked!  My co-worker suggested a salon nearby that offers manicures for $15 (a mani and a pedi for $30).  I definitely see this becoming a 1x a month treat!

Have a happy Friday afternoon!!


One Response to “Bleh.”

  1. ellenrunsnyc Says:

    I’ve been having one of those weeks too! I took the past two mornings “off” of the library and school and am hoping to be back to “normal” come monday. Ice Cream sounds perfect post Marathon!

    BTW $30 for a mani pedi = AWESOME!! totally indulge!!

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