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It may not be pretty…but it tastes good! October 6, 2009

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I was just editing all my pictures of yesterday/today so far’s eats and realized I’ve been eating some really messy, not gourmet looking food.  But it’s all been so good!!

Here’s a quick run down of yesterday’s eats.  Breakfast was an unpictured bowl of Special K Chocolatey Delight with an English Muffin with canola oil butter and some home-made jelly.  When I got to work, I bought my last Blended White Caramel from Ink! and devoured it – I didn’t even remember to take a picture til it was gone!  This drink has some sort of “white powder” that they mix in (literally, the menu says – “2x espresso, reduced fat milk, ice, white powder and caramel”) and I swear that powder must be some sort of addictive narcotic – these are so good! But, I dare say their “novelty” drinks are more expensive than Starbucks…so this was my last one ($5.27 is a bit steep when they only fill the cup 3/4 of the way to begin with…but so good, definitely try Ink! if you are in the Denver area).

coffeeLunch yesterday was leftovers from Sunday night’s gnocchi fiasco (still need to upload the gnocchi/nugget pictures).  I brought a big scoop of spaghetti sauce with 3 turkey meatballs and a mozzarella string-cheese mixed in.  On the side I had a piece of homemade honey whole wheat bread for dunking, an apple, and a strawberry cheesecake yogurt.  The yogurt was good, thick and had a nice flavor.





After lunch I had a few pieces of Glee gum – I ordered this from the Natural Candy Store website a few weeks ago and really enjoy it.  So far we’ve tried the Berry and Cinnamon flavors – but have a bunch of flavors still to try (I ordered a sampler of all the flavors).  This gum is sustainably produced and while the flavor doesn’t last as long as some commercial brands, the gum has a great chewy texture.

gumYesterday afternoon before heading home I snacked on some macadamia nuts (roasted with sea salt), chocolate covered almonds (which reminded me of the Trader Joe’s kind hubby and I munched on while in San Francisco on vacation in August) and dried mango.

nut and fruitLast night for dinner we had comfort food, I peeled two sweet potatoes and a couple regular potatoes and Chris sliced them up into french fry shapes.  We boiled them for 10 minutes in a pot of water and a little EVOO and then baked them at 425 for 40 minutes with some french fry seasoning.  I forgot to spray the pan with some sort of cooking spray though and they were all stuck to the foil when we took them out of the oven.  They tasted great, even though they were mangled! I think our first experiment with sweet potato fries was a success!  With our fries we had Applegate Farms Great Organic Uncured Hot Dogs.  Hubby had his hot dogs on the last 2 buns and I ate one hot dog on a Flat Out Wrap.  I added a slice of Tillamook Cheddar, yellow mustard and ketchup to my dog.  I cut mine in half to try to prevent flinging ketchup and mustard everywhere, and mainly succeeded.

Here’s a close up of our fries:

friesAnd here’s dinner all together, on the side, we split a bowl of peaches.

dinnerpeachesFor dessert, we each had a sweet potato chocolate brownie (from a Clean Eating magazine recipe).  The frosting didn’t turn out as pretty as the picture on the recipe, but I like the cinnamony taste of these brownies!

brownieI woke up at 3am this morning and realized there was no way my calves were up for running this morning, so I’ll run Wednesday, Thursday and Friday again this week, instead of Tues-Thurs.  I slept in til the very last second (6:10) and hopped in the shower and got dressed as quickly as I could and remembered to grab breakfast as Hubby and I are doing a 30 day challenge of not eating out (more on that in a minute).  I threw two packets of Ocean Spray oatmeal with cranberries, a packet of Justin’s honey almond butter, a banana, come dark chocolate chips and some PB chips into my lunch bag and ran out the door.  (Of course the train was running 10 minutes late and there was frost on the car…so all my hurrying still made me 10 minutes late for work). When I finally got to work I mixed all the ingredients together with some hot water from the kitchen and it turned out really yummy!  Great mix of salty, sweet and different textures.  have you tried these packets of almond butter before – I love ’em!  We have a stash of honey, maple, plain and cinnamon flavors at home.

almond butter

You can’t see the chocolate/PB chips because my oatmeal was so hot they started to melt on contact!

oatsI’m also sipping on a free OJ from the pop machine.

OJAll right – now for the 30 day challenge!  Chris and I made some major changes to our diets over the last few months, we added more fresh fruits and veggies, pretty much cut red meat from our diets, and started paying more attention to food labels.  As I’ve mentioned briefly before, I dealt with some disordered eating issues in college – using calorie restriction to manage my anxiety issues, so I try not to think of what we eat as a “diet” as much as fuel for our bodies.  If I start thinking in terms of calories, fat, etc it’s all too easy for those old, unhealthy habits to rush back – especially if I’m feeling anxious.  Hubby and I both had physicals last year that said we’re in outstanding health, and we want to keep it that way.  We started reading more about how the foods we eat are produced, packaged and shipped and the impact not only on our health but the environment and future generations.  If you haven’t read it already – I highly recommend picking up a copy of Food Inc and/or Animal Vegetable Miracle (Food Inc for a factual approach, Animal Vegetable Miracle for a more “next door neighbor” approach).

After reading these books and doing some additional research we took a hard look at some of the things we were putting into our bodies and started finding healthier alternatives to preserve our health into the future and also to provide our bodies with the best fuel for our active lifestyle.  For instance – our lunches used to contain single servings of potato chips (we had switched to baked chips sometime last spring) – now we bring carrots with dip and fruit for something crunchy.  Where we used to bring single baggies of fruit snacks we now bring all fruit, no sugar added fruit leathers.  Simple changes, but they’ve made a big difference in the way we feel.  We also try to buy local whenever possible and for items like meat, dairy and some vegetables/fruits we try to purchase organic, sustainably and humanely produced items whenever possible as well.  Recently we purchased a membership to Costco and have been amazed at all the great organic and local items that they offer.  I’m sure I’ll talk more about my food philosophy as the blog continues 🙂

So…back to the 30 day challenge!  As you saw from my disjointed blog posts last week, Chris and I were definitely falling off the healthy eating wagon.  Yesterday, as I was exhausted and picking up my last Ink! coffee, I had a thought that we should try a 30 day challenge – similar to those I’ve seen on other blogs.  I talked with Chris (and we’re still working out one minor detail), but for the next 30 days (today through November 5, 2009) with the exception of my friend’s wedding this weekend, marathon day (October 18) and potentially Friday evenings (that’s our little sticking point that we can’t decide on), hubby and I are going to try to eat every meal at home (or with items from home, like my oats this morning).  This is one way to ensure that we’ll get back into our healthier eating habits as well as clean out the overflowing pantry (do you have those items that you buy and then never eat…and they just get buried?  we have lots!).  We are also saving to purchase a house next fall and have increased our weekly savings contributions – so not eating out as much will also leave some extra cushion in our bank account!  🙂

This post got really, really long, really, really fast.  So, I’ll stop rambling now 🙂  I hope everyone has a wonderful Tuesday!


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