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A fork and knife lunch October 7, 2009

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Lunch was so good I had to pop in for a quick post.

Today is day 2 of the 30-Day challenge and hubby and I are still doing great (he gets off easy and he doesn’t really have an option to eat out/grab coffee during the work day).  I brought a wrap from home – it is a whole wheat flat out wrap filled with pinto beans and some leftover corn from dinner last night and a slice of Tillamook cheese.  I brought spicy ranch and hot sauce to dip it in (this spicy ranch is so good, I bought two bottles this weekend because I’m starting to crave it on EVERYTHING).


ranchOn the side I had some cherry tomatoes and an apple.


appleAll together…and what’s that?  A plate?  Instead of eating off aluminum foil or a ziploc baggie?  Yippee!  Lunch was so satisfying when I took the time to make it look nice on my plate and brought something to eat with utensils, like a real meal, even though it was at my desk 🙂



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