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Finally Friday! October 9, 2009

First off, did you guys see this?  Amazing!  I know we all can have different views on the president, where the country is heading, and how he’s doing so far in office.  But, you have to admit that this time last year a lot of people from very different backgrounds came together to support him and his vision – which if you ask me is a step in the right direction for us all to get on the same page – to strive for a better country and a better tomorrow!

Also, did everyone watch this week’s episode of Glee?  I just watched last night, and loved it!  The last few minutes had hubby and I yelling at the TV though!  We taped Grey’s Anatomy last night, so we’ll watch that tonight and afterward I’ll watch the Vampire Diaries…my guilty pleasure of fall 2009 🙂


I’m sure I’ll use this title every Friday, it’s just such a blessed day to me!  I’m ready for the work day to be over, to eat more leftover pizza with the husband, do groceries…and then relax!!  This weekend is only moderately busy, a 5 mile run tomorrow (unless I knock it out after errands tonight), a wedding tomorrow evening and 10 miles on Sunday.  I see lots of bread baking this weekend as well 🙂  Still trying to figure out what to wear to the wedding as it’s only supposed to hit 35 tomorrow with a rain/snow mix and a low of 19 degrees!  Brr!!

Before I get into this morning, here’s a recap of yesterday’s eats.

Mid-morning I snacked on some yogurt, I really don’t know if I’d choose to buy this flavor again.  There was something just a little “off” about it. I do like that this brand does not use artificial sweeteners in their lowfat yogurt, I used to love Yoplait, but cannot eat the low/reduced fat versions as aspartame/sucralose/Splenda/etc give me headaches/tummy aches.


Lunch was a repeat of Wednesday, but I added carrots.  They were on the side to begin with, but I ended up eating a carrot with each bite of my wrap.  The next time I make this wrap I’ll shred carrots to put inside.  On the side I had cherry tomatoes, an apple and a big glass of ice water.  I prefer to drink water as much as possible (Chris and I rarely drink soda) and at work I prefer ice water…at home, just plain please 🙂



Then, around 2 I snacked on some Pop Chip pieces (how do I always manage to give the full chips to the husband and end up with crumbs in my lunch?)  The BBQ flavor is so good – if you haven’t tried Pop Chips, get yourself a bag!  According to the website, they are “popped” not baked or fried, the chips are all natural and contain no trans fat, no saturated fat, no cholesterol and no preservatives.  The nutrition facts aren’t bad either – you can have about 19 chips for only 120 calories.  These are big, fluffy chips as well…so 19 goes a long way!  So far we have only tried the BBQ kind, but I can’t wait to try more!  I have not seen these chips in our local “grocery-grocery” store but have found them at Target (in the “lunch box” aisle, not the chip aisle) and at Costco.  I also had a chcoolate covered macaroon from a friend in my running group.  I told myself I would savor it and maybe only eat 1/2 and save 1/2 for later.  Um, right.  These cookies were SO good!  I have made macaroons before, but they turned out a little too sweet.  These cookies had a little bit of salt to them – and were offset perfectly by the chocolate.  Once this friend gets her side business set up, I’ll totally share ordering info!



Dinner last night was more leftover pizza and wings – and I was seriously starving, so it was nice to have leftovers that were 1 minute and 30 seconds from being on the table 🙂  I was thinking that we had spent quite a bit of $$ on ordering Pizza Hut the other night, but when we work it out we’ll get 3 dinners (well, 6 if you count hubby and I individually) so that works out to $7.50/meal (including delivery charges and tip).  Still not the cheapest dinner, but I feel better about it when we look at it that way.  I do think we’ll stick to Papa Murphy’s take and bake for pizza this next year as much as possible because it’s much cheaper (if we did 6 dinners there it would be about $3.33-4.16/serving depending on what sides we chose) and also because it’s less greasy…so less tummy aches the next day (I was diagnosed with IBS when I was 21, so I have some foods I generally avoid – red meat, certain types/brands of dairy products/spicy or greasy foods/etc).  I’ll discuss my IBS more later, I feel like the path I took to get to our current food and activity lifestyle (which is still a work in progress) is just so long and twisted that it deserves a post of its own (with lots of editing so it doesn’t turn into a novella, lol).

On to this morning…After yesterday’s treadmill triump today was more tapering mediocrity.  I woke up at 4:30 and was actually pretty awake, but about mid-morning yesterday my quads started screaming at me.  I assume walking down 26 flights of stairs in Wednesday’s fire drill are to blame.  Chris was a dear and rubbed them last night for me (I was being a weenie and wouldn’t press hard with the foam roller because it hurt, so he stepped in) but this morning they were still really tight.  Hopefully a day of walking/stretching loosesns them up.  I am just so afraid of getting hurt in these last few days before the marathon (8 days, 22 hours, 59 minutes and 11 seconds to be exact).  So, needless to say I was running late this morning.

In addition to having sore quads, did I mention it snowed yesterday?!?!?  Not enough to stick to the ground, but enough to leave a big mess on my car windows this morning.  I should preface this by saying I’m so thankful we bought a new car – this time last year I was dealing with my !@%&** Mitsubishi Lancer which would die whenever it was idling (and after $2,500+ in repair bills and multiple mechanics nothing got fixed on it, even though it only had barely 50,000 miles) and really feel much safer/secure in the Jeep Liberty we bought.  But, it’s so long that it’s a big pain in the winter to let it heat up!  I ran the defrost on full blast and also ran the rear defrost while scraping and all it seems t do is fog up the windows on the inside…because the ratio of cold air in the big car to warm air coming out of the tiny heater is so great.  I cannot wait until we have a garage!

So, with the snow/ice I was running a wee bit late and picked up a bagel sandwich from Einstein’s – turkey sausage, egg and cheese on a 6 cheese bagel.  Pretty good!


I also picked up a pumpkin spice latte at Peet’s…some mornings you just need a creamy, hot coffee drink to liven up the mood. Too bad I always feel strange walking into Peet’s!  I don’t know why, but the atmosphere is so much different from Starbucks (where one barista knows me by name or at least sight and asks for a high-five whenever we see each other)…it just seems….somber?  A little stuck up?  I hate to say that, but it does!  Maybe it’s the classical music?  I don’t know.  Anyway, this morning they tripped me up by asking what kind of milk I wanted – and I really didn’t know…I just wanted a plain pumpkin spice latte, I didn’t want skim milk this morning (which I normally get in all coffee drinks and is what we buy at home), I just wanted plain old comforting 2 percent.  The barista looked at me like I had an elephant on my head!  I’m sure he was thinking that 2% is so 1990, lol.  But, I’m pleasantly surprised with the flavor, and the medium is $0.95 cheaper than Starbucks!


Have a very happy, happy Friday everyone!


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