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First snow…already?? October 10, 2009

Well, apparently we’re skipping straight to winter this year in CO – Chris and I woke up to this today (after sleeping in til 10, luxurious!!)


After seeing the snow, it was time for breakfast!  Saturdays are our only days to have a “real” hot breakfast since my long runs on Sundays keep me out til almost lunch time during marathon training.  So, I whipped up a batch of blueberry pancakes.  I used Krusteaz pancake mix and a cup of blueberries.  Something about adding the blueberries changed the texture of the pancakes enough I wasn’t quite able to make them a perfect golden brown…but they are all a lovely dark brown 😉  I used 2 cups of mix instead of the normal 1, so we ended up with a lot of pancakes…I wonder if leftover pancakes are good?

pancake stack

To go with our pancakes I made some scrambled eggs and topped them with Tillamook sharp cheddar. For our eggs I used 3 whites and 3 full eggs and a dash of skim milk (to add to the fluffiness), then let them cook on medium heat with a lid on the pan til they were about 1/2 way cooked through, then scrambled them, added cheese and let cook til finished.  I always say I’ll make omlettes…but then scrambled is so much easier!

I served my pancakes with a little Land O’ Lakes canola oil light butter (only 50 calories per tablespoon compared to 100 calories in “regular” butter as well as a lot less cholesterol and fat) and pure maple syrup.



Here is my delish breakfast all together, with my big glass of Naked OJ on the side (we use 8 ounce glasses during the work week and on the weekends treat ourselves to a “tall” one).



After breakfast the husband and I watched Thursday’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy (I’m kind of bored with it this season…but hoping they’ll turn it around) and wrapped the presents for the wedding we’re going to this afternoon, I think they turned out quite pretty!


Now Chris is playing video games and I’m debating what to do with my afternoon.  It’s always so tricky having something planned at an odd hour of the afternoon like  2 or 3 pm, because it feels like you’re just waiting to get ready and go all day, and don’t really have time to run errands/etc.  And then you go, and the day’s totally over!  I also need to figure out what to wear as it’s a whopping 25 degrees outside, um, brr!!

Oh!  Going back to last night, we watched the Spirit of the Marathon, and Chris didn’t notice – but I totally cried!!  Just thinking back over all the years of being a runner (since 2000, so it will be 10 years this spring!) and all the obstacles I’ve overcome (quitting the college XC team, falling out of love with running, being diagnosed with asthma, hurting my back the first time I trained for a marathon, etc) I’m just so excited to step out onto the course next week and finally check my first marathon off the list.  While watching the movie I nibbled on a 100 calorie pack of popcorn sprinkled with some of this Kernel Season’s kettle corn seasoning…so good, the perfect mix of salty and sweet!

kettle corn

Tomorrow is my very, very last long-run before the marathon.  I’m going to go out for 10 miles tomorrow morning and I hope to really just enjoy it and be thankful that the last 17 weeks of training are over and there are only 2 runs til the Big Day!

But, now I suppose I had better find something to do for the next hour before I need to get ready for the wedding, i.e. looking for warm clothes to wear!!  I hope everyone’s having a great Saturday, and since going to wedding’s makes me think of my own, I’ll leave you with one of my favorite pictures from the husband and I’s wedding.  We were married on August 23, 2008 and wanted a really low-key, small affair.  We were married at the chapel on University of Denver campus (I’m a 2005 grad) and then had a BBQ in Chris’ parents’ back yard.  It was such a perfect day, because it was very “us” no frills, we were married by Chris’ childhood best friend with vows we wrote ourselves, and then my favorite – was that when we got to the reception I changed into Croc sandals and Chris put on cargo shorts and we just chilled drinking water out of our fancy wine glasses and visiting with family and friends.  We even skipped the cake in lieu of an ice cream bar, such a hit!

wedding 2



One Response to “First snow…already??”

  1. hey marie Says:

    Hey, smh!
    Good luck with your long run tomorrow. Enjoy the snow as well. It’s 90 degrees plus here!

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