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Sleep tonight? October 15, 2009

I certainly hope so, I just watched last week’s episode of Top Chef and had major trouble keeping my eyes open, so after this post I’m taking a hot shower with some Aveeno relaxing body wash and going to bed early.  How much I sleep tonight will determine if my last pre-marathon run is tomorrow morning or Friday morning.

I had a nice talk with a co-worker today who’s an amazing marathoner.  At last year’s Denver Marathon he won his age group, he has run Boston, and is working on a sub-3 hour marathon (he actually may have completed this…I’m not sure).  Sunday’s marathon will be his 7th and he said the nerves never go away…you just learn how to cope!  Like, for sleeping – he says he still has insomnia the week before a race, but has tricked his body into falling asleep around 8pm.  He wakes up around 3am…and lays there, til it’s time to get up and runs on his lunch hour to stock up on sleep for the weekend (since Saturday night I’m expecting none, this is a good idea).  He also suggested that I’m off my feet almost completely by 2 or 3pm on Saturday afternoon, not solely to rest my legs – that’s what tapering’s for, but so that by the time the alarm goes off to head downtown Sunday morning I’m 100% ready to get out of bed and get moving because I’m sick of being in bed 🙂

Today for lunch I had a Morningstar Farms Spicy Black Bean burger which I wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla with a slice of Tillamook cheese.

wrapI snagged a packet of ranch sauce and a packet of buffalo sauce from the Chik-Fil-A in the food court of my building for sauce, and wrapped everything up.  On the side I had grapes (which were a surprisingly good way to mop up the buffalo sauce that dripped on to my plate, it sounds weird but the salty/sweet/spicy combo was awesome and gave me an idea for a salad to make the next time I have leftover chicken) and some plain Pop Chips.  The chips were good, just lightly salty.  But, I have to say they were a little more “rice cake-y” than the BBQ flavor, which is my favorite hands down (of the flavors I’ve tried so far, our grocery store does not carry some of the varieties).


pop chips

I also had a cup of Archer Farm’s Key Lime yogurt.  This had a really nice texture and flavor!


Tomorrow I’ll be giving Stonyfield fruit on the bottom another try, after a great comment from Annie pointing out that the texture won’t be as smooth as other brands of fruit-on-the bottom and to make sure to stir it really good to incorporate all the fruit and avoid the slightly sour taste I had earlier this week.

Toward the middle of the afternoon I raided the administrative assistant’s candy jar and picked out a 2 pack of Starburts and a 3 pack of Whoppers.  The Whoppers were really good, I had forgotten how good they were.  But, the Starbursts were crummy!  I didn’t realize she had 2 kinds and grabbed the Tropical, so I ended up with cantaloupe and strawberry banana…not good!!

candyI ended up leaving work around 5:30…only to get delayed on the train coming home!  A fuse was blown about 2 stops out of downtown and we all had to get off and wait for another train.  I ended up getting home around 6:30 and we made it a take-out night, next week we’ll get back on track…this week’s just been nuts and with company coming this weekend neither of us really feels like making a mess in the kitchen.  I’m slowly working through my stack of books to be read and was thankful to have Letters from Alcatraz (a signed copy I picked up when we went to San Francisco in August) in my bag.  This is a really interesting book and shows a different side to prison life and some very notorious criminals through their letters to government officials, family and friends.  I have a strange fascination with prison – so I picked up this book and one other at Alcatraz that I can’t wait to read.  Some people want to go to San Francisco for the art, the food, the history…I wanted history – prison history!  I don’t know why I’m so intrigued by it all, but I love to watch Lock Up on MSNBC and was quite proud of all the prison lingo I had to throw around while we were on The Rock 🙂

Ok, now it’s time for bed!  I hope you all had a great Wednesday…downhill slide to the weekend folks!


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