Hoge Runs…and Eats!

Just another foodie who loves to run!

Tick, tock… October 15, 2009

That’s what the clock’s doing…and we don’t seem to be getting any closer to the weekend!  Today’s a tad slower than the last 3, so it seems like time’s slowing down as well.  At least it’s noon…so only 4 or 5 more hours at my desk!

I ran into the man who witnessed the fridge debacle this morning and he said the person who’s spaghetti it was wasn’t “mad” but was “unhappy they had to procure more spaghetti.”  I said I was glad they weren’t “mad” and had left a note apologizing, but after the week I’ve had didn’t leave my name as I didn’t want to get yelled at, he laughed and said he would have just washed the bowl and put it in the “unclaimed tupperware” cabinet we have at work…and then left!  So, I don’t feel bad anymore 🙂

Lunch for me is a Morningstar Farm’s Chik’n patty, a slice of Tillamook cheese and some lettuce all wrapped up in a whole wheat tortilla and doused in a mix of BBQ and spicy ranch sauce.  Pretty good…but proving to be very messy to eat!  Here is a shot of what it looked like before wrapping (I ended up eating it like a taco because it was too full of lettuce to really wrap a snack-sized tortilla all the way around, hehe).


I brought a “wee brie” on the side (yes, the brie that caused this morning’s fridge incident) and well, I’m disappointed.  I was so excited when I saw this in the store (hello, it’s called “Wee Brie” who wouldn’t be excited?) but really, it just tastes like, well, nothing.  Ick.  So, sadly, the majority of said wee brie is in the trash 😦  So, now my sides consist of some Mary’s Gone crackers, grapes and a Stonyfield yogurt.  I haven’t dug into the yogurt yet, but I’m going to stir the heck out of it and hope for the best 🙂





My pre-marathon plan is to wear only flat shoes for today through Saturday, so Sunday my legs will have no lingering soreness from running around the office in heels.  Today, I wore my silver Nine West flats.  I found these at the Nine West outlet and got them for around $10!  The way my feet are sitting in this picture the sides are pooched out a little…the sides of my shoes don’t really stick out like that 🙂

shoesI had better get back to work…I hope everyone’s having a good Thursday so far!


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