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Nerves… October 16, 2009

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Well, there are about 46 hours left til the marathon and I definitely woke up with butterflies this morning.  The plan for the weekend is:

Friday 8:30-11:25 am – try to focus on work as there’s a big draft going out this afternoon

Friday – 11:30 am – pick up packet with bestie (she’s not running, but is providing moral packet pick up support)

Friday 12:30-4:30pm – hopefully get done with work and head home ASAP – please keep your fingers crossed for no overtime today

Friday 4:35-5:30 – commute (hopefully, if step 3 above works out)

Friday 5:30 – ??pm – help husband clean apartment, do laundry, pick up groceries, stock up on magazines and hopefully eat dinner at some point (I’m thinking Noodles & Co, yum…and you can’t beat the buy-one-get-one coupon we have).

Friday ??pm to Saturday ??am  – Sleep as much as my body will let me

Saturday am to early evening – set out race gear (photograph for blog, obviously), keep up water intake and snack accordingly to keep up calorie intake, spend as much time as possible sitting in bed/on the couch reading magazines acquired Friday evening, try not to have a meltdown from nerves/excitement

Saturday early evening – enjoy dinner out (at an Italian restaurant I have had good experiences with in the past, no alcohol or dessert) with old friend Jordan and his wife Cassie who are driving in from NE Colorado for Cassie to run the 1/2 marathon Sunday morning. Try to be a good hostess while conserving as much energy as possible.

Saturday night – try to sleep

Sunday wake up around 4:30 am to leave house by 5:15 or 5:30 am.  Arrive downtown around 6am, find parking, walk to start area – race starts at 7am.

yikes!!  That is a LOT to fit into the next 46 hours (well, the official countdown clock is 1 day, 22 hours, 24 minutes), so I’d better get to it!

I will be checking in sporadically over the weekend with updates, hopefully my long-awaited EOS review, and photos!

Happy Friday!


One Response to “Nerves…”

  1. ellenrunsnyc Says:

    your going to be so awesome!!!!

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