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Denver Marathon October 19, 2009

This weekend was such a whirlwind!

Friday evening Chris and I did a mad dash to clean up the house before our friends Jordan and Cassie got here on Saturday.  We scrubbed and scrubbed and finally fell into bed around 11.  I slept until 10 on Saturday, read some magazines, watched the Vampire Diaries/ Top Chef/SYTYCD episodes I’d taped this week, and then napped in the afternoon.

Around 6 on Saturday night my old friend Jordan (we have been friends since we were 12) and his wife Cassie drove up from Fort Morgan and we went to dinner at Angie’s, a little hole-in-the-wall Italian restaurant near us, chatted for a couple hours and then all were in bed by 9:30.

Sunday we woke up at 5, and I knew it was a bad sign when the temperature at 5:30 was 46 degrees!!  We got downtown and ended up parking about 3 or 4 blocks from the start line because a bunch of streets right by Civic Center Park were going to be closed all morning.  So, we parked and walked over to the start and I stood in line for the port-a-potty for close to 20 minutes!  I finally got to the front of the line and some teeny tiny man (like really skinny, not really short) cut me off! But, alas, I made it through the port-a-potty and went back to Chris and Jordan (Cassie was in line at this point) and only had about 10 minutes til we were asked to line up.

I had wanted to start out with the 11 or 12 minute mile groups, so I didn’t go out too fast, but couldn’t find them.  So, I lined up with the 10 minute group and started out in the 10:36 mile pace.  This is a fine pace for me for a 10k or even a 1/2 marathon (back in college, when I ran fast, lol), but I knew it was too fast for the marathon and around mile 6 or 8 started to panic and realize I still had xx miles to go, hehe.  I slowed down and hit the 10 mile mark in about 1:52.  This even included a pit stop at mile 9 because my stomach thought it was going to explode (problem #1 of the day).

The pit stop helped but I ended up staying queasy throughout the rest of the run I hit mile 20 at 4 hours and 10 minutes and at this point it was HOT, like really hot.  I had planned to just drink from my fuel belt and pick up water at the aid stations, but by this point I was drinking from my fuel belt and grabbing a cup of Gatorade and a cup of water at every aid station (1x a mile), my face/lips felt dried out from the sun and the wind (which picked up around mile 17) and I was just ready to be done!  I had been running the first 20 miles with the goal of only thinking about the next few miles, every 4M I took a Gu, every 5th M I texted Chris to text my friend Ellen where I was on the course, etc.

I had planned on running the first 20 miles without stopping then taking walk breaks if needed the last 6.2 miles, but at this point I started walking for 5 min running for 5 min, and did that for about 3 miles.  I know I lost a lot of time in this section, so I think my next marathon will be a lot faster – just if I’m mentally prepared to push through past mile 20 (and it’s not a bajillion degrees out and my stomach’s threatening to erupt).  At mile 23 I decided I was running to the end, no matter how long it took, and was able to shuffle along for about 2 miles without taking a walk break (with exception of the aid stations), but at mile 25 I just hit a wall, big time.  I knew that the finish line was really close, but I was just so tired and hot and sore and emotional (I started thinking about how far I’d come, how many emotions I’d gone through in the last 5.5 hours, etc)…so I was having a hard time keeping it together.  I saw Chris and his parents right as I was going under the art museum (I kept telling myself to watch for the big bridge next to the art museum because that meant about 1/2 a mile to go, and you can see it for a ways in the distance) and Chris ran along with me for about a block, telling me how proud he was (and how he’d had to hold back tears a couple times thinking how well I was doing, awww) and I took off for the finish!  I crossed the finish line in 5:47:16, which was slower than my “perfect day” and “realistic” goals, but beat my “fall back” goal by 13 minutes…so I was happy just to be done!!  I got my medal, a bottle of water and more gatorade and then we met up with Chris’ parents and came home.

Cassie ended up finishing the 1/2 in 1:34, she’s amazing!  It is only her 2nd half – she did her first this spring in 1:44!  I checked the results today and she actually got 2nd in her age group, so, so proud of her!

When Chris and I got home we picked up Qdoba for lunch (I was really craving salt and cheese) I ate about 1/2 of my nachos and 1/2 of a brownie and was really full (weird, as I know I burnt more calories than was in what I ate).  I took a really long shower, Chris rubbed my legs a little (enough so they quit throbbing but not hard enough that I needed to worry about additional muscle damage, as one should avoid deep muscle work until a5 least 24 hours following the race, some guidance even says to wait up to 4 days) and I fell asleep for a couple hours.  Then, last night Chris made spaghetti, shrimp scampi and some really buttery garlic bread and we watched Dexter (I also ate my 1/2 of a brownie and cookie, hehe) and I crashed around 8:30. Last night I was super sore in my muscles, but this morning it’s all in my joints – my knees, hips, shoulders and ankles are killing me!  But, I feel really good that I did it – even though it was a bajillion degrees (it was 83 when I crossed the finish line, and the course was pretty much all in the sun).  I ended up beating about 100 people out of 1,923 which I think is totally awesome!!!  I also thought it was really interesting that there were only 1,924 people who ran the marathon yesterday and about 4,400+ that ran the 1/2 marathon.

I’m now looking forward to taking a week or so off totally, then easing back into things.  My 4M PR is 38 minutes and I really think I could beat that this year at the Turkey Trot next month 🙂

Here are a few pictures from the race yesterday.

Me – unaware that Chris and Jordan are cheering for me at mile 4:

sarahMe at mile 12, getting ready to split off from the 1/2 marathon runners:

sarah 2

And me about 2 feet from the finish line, gutting it out 🙂

finishI definitely think I’ll run another marathon in the future, and maybe even a 50k, but at this point the pain is too fresh from yesterday to think about it very seriously 🙂  Ask me again in a couple weeks!

Races that I do plan on in the immediate future are:

Turkey Trot 4M in November

Rudolph’s Revenge 5k or 10k in December

Frosty’s Frozen 5M or 10M in January

Snowman Stampede 5M or 10M in February

March, unsure

April, unsure

May Bolder Boulder 10k virtual race (or regular race if I can talk the husband into run/walking it, he’s bound and determined that he can’t run a race with me – but I think if we ran walked he could totally do it!!)


One Response to “Denver Marathon”

  1. ellenrunsnyc Says:

    Chris could totally do a 10k!! I am trying to get Charlie to do a half with me next october, I think I have almost convinced him. He was so cute yesterday, updating me. I am so proud of you! You are AWESOME!


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