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Just another foodie who loves to run!

Back from the…recovery week? October 25, 2009

I am back!  I ran this morning and am feeling normal again, funny how much I missed it over the last 6 days.  I was really sore Sunday night, Monday and Tuesday but when I woke up Wednesday I was almost 100% painfree…and itching to get running.  I ran a really easy 3.29 miles this morning (went out for 3-4 miles and the rain/snow mix decided my turn around for me) and am planning on starting a 10K training plan on Tuesday.  I have been working on breaking 60 minutes in the 10-K for a year now, always coming up between 62 and 65 minutes.  No more I say!  I ran a marathon…I can totally run 9ish minute miles for 6 miles!

So – my fitness/training plan will look something like this from now til mid-December:

Sunday – long run + stretching

Monday – rest from running, cross train with either Jillian DVD, yoga, or strength

Tuesday – short run + strength and stretching

Wednesday – speedwork + stretching

Thursday – short run + strength and stretching

Friday – rest from running, cross train with either Jillian DVD, yoga, or strength

Saturday – rest from running, cross train with Jillian DVD, yoga, strength, hiking, etc.

And, what better way to kick off a training plan than baking??  I’m currently smelling the cranberry/cinnamon challah baking away in the oven and cannot wait to try a piece.  After publishing this post I’m heading back to the kitchen to whip up some peanut butter fudge and chocolate covered cranberry cookies.  I was going to make cranberry orange scones, but I’m sure Chris would like to eat dinner at some point this evening and we cannot miss Dexter.

I’m hoping to get back to 2x a day posting this week, I was such a slacker last week!  That means I’ll also finally catch up on product reviews.  I have some products from EOS, Progresso, Larabar, Jason Skincare and Celestial Seasonings to review.  First off – EOS!

The EOS company was kind enough to send me 3 samples of their new organic lip balm to test for the blog.  Here are the sweet mint and pomegranate raspberry flavors.  The honeysuckle honeydew sphere is proudly sitting in a spot of honor on my desk at work 🙂

EOS #1

Here is a shot of the sphere sitting in a normal tablespoon, for size comparison.

eos #2

I really enjoy these lip balms, I think that the pomegranate/raspberry scent is my favorite, followed by honeysuckle honeydew and sweet mint.  I prefer the stick to the sphere when my lips are chapped (I tried using the sphere after the marathon and it hurt a little to pull on lips that had been in the sun/wind for almost 6 hours) and the stick glides on very smoothly.  I also really enjoy that while the scents are great (the sweet mint makes me feel like I have very fresh breath) I don’t notice the flavor when I take a drink of water with the balm on my lips, nor do I notice a super sticky residue on my glass.  These balms are sold at Target, Rite Aid and Walgreens and I’ve even started to see them in our local Safeway and King Soopers grocery stores.  Products are also available through the EOS on-line store and I’m already contemplating ordering some of their shaving cream.  I definitely recommend picking up a stick or sphere to try!  (*hint, hint:  make sure to check back to the blog frequently this week as I’m going to toss in some giveaways with all these product reviews!)

The bread scent from the kitchen is getting stronger – so I need to go check on that, stat!  Back later and/or tomorrow morning for another product review and pictures of my day baking!


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