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Just another foodie who loves to run!

A blizzard, already? October 27, 2009

That’s right, the weather channel is forecasting accumulation overnight tonight from 8-14 inches for the “Metro” area of Denver and 1-2 feet for the foothills, keep your fingers crossed for a snow day or 2!!!  If it snows 14 inches, I’ll be planning on leaving the Jeep at home and taking the bus, I am so glad we have a 4 wheel drive vehicle for the winter…but when it gets to be that much I’ll leave the driving to someone else (especially since my 1.5 mile drive in the morning includes merging across 3 lanes of traffic and a left turn, all not fun when the people around you seem to think 55 is an appropriate winter driving speed).  I know I sound like a weenie…but, well, I am!  I hate driving in the snow, not because of myself, but because of all the people around me!  I really think that the state of CO is split 50/50 with the people who  moved here from other states and drive too slow in the snow and people who’ve lived here all their lives and think they can drive whatever speed they want in any conditions.  And then there’s me, who thinks a reasonable speed of 10 or so below the speed limit is perfect for treacherous driving conditions.


Anyway, off my soap box, this has to be a short post as I slammed my arm into a metal cabinet last night…which is why I didn’t post last night, it hurts to type, use my computer mouse and twist my arm.  Chris said it’s probably not broken as I haven’t cried…but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt like the dickens!  ouch!!!!!  Last night was a rough night injury wise.  I wrecked my arm before leaving work, and then right before bed I was trying to pick out an outfit to wear today and managed to scratch off the remaining scab from my marathon sport bra chafing…and couldn’t figure out why my hand felt wet – til I looked down and saw blood running down my chest.  Ick!!!  I’m bandaged and bruised this morning, and counting down til my next dose of Advil.

Breakfast this morning was eaten at my desk, a cup of office coffee (in my Monsters’ Inc mug, obviously), 2 pieces of the addicting apple fritter bread from Target, a cup of Stoneyfield Strawberry yogurt and 1 bite of a Morningstar Farms sausage patty (I think I overcooked it as it was hard as a rock).






I didn’t run this morning.  I woke up at 4:11 (alarm set to go off at 4:30) and my arm hurt, and I have three bandages on my chest, so, well, I went back to sleep!  Depending on the blizzard and when I get out of here tonight I’ll run 2 miles this morning or tomorrow morning.  This week’s mileage will be very light as it’s my first full week back from the marathon.  I am going to nix any 30 Day Shred until my arm quits throbbing, as I can’t imagine lifting weights is good for whatever damage I did with the cabinet door.

I also still owe you my Progresso review…hopefully more to come on that later tonight!  Did you see So You Think You Can Dance last night?  Do you have a favorite yet? I’m undecided, but cannot wait for tonight’s episode!




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