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The Blizzard, continued. October 29, 2009

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The blizzard hit, and it’s cold out!!  I’m guessing we have a foot + of snow at our apartment complex, we probably have 6-8 inches just in the little drifts that have formed onour balcony!  I’m going to be working from home today…so maybe I’ll remember to photograph my food and get back into blogging?   I hope so!


Here are a couple shots of the snow, sorry about the poor quality, the aforementioned drifts on the balcony make it a little hard to step out for a picture.

Here is a view across the field next to the apartment:

snow 1

Here is our patio furniture:

snow 2

Porch drifts:

snow 3

This is looking out over the garages next to our apartment:

snow 4

And this is looking down on the cars parked next to the apartment:

snow 5


Now it’s time to round up some breakfast and get back to work, have a great day blog world!


One Response to “The Blizzard, continued.”

  1. ellenrunsnyc Says:

    thats a lot of snow! I am glad you didn’t drive in that!

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