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Back at it! November 3, 2009

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I am so back into the running swing of things, and loving it!

This morning I drug myself right out of bed at 4:40 and hit the gym.  2 miles on the treadmill felt like forever after 2 weeks off (well, I did run 1x in that 2 weeks).  Not because I felt out of shape, just felt strange to be using all those muscles again!  After the gym I did my 10 minute yoga abs DVD and am definitely feeling the after effects already.

Breakfast this morning was a bowl of Special K Chocolatey Delight and a glass of Naked OJ.


On the way out the door to catch my train to work I had to snap a picture of the moon.  That’s right the moon!  It was such a beautiful morning with the sunrising on one side of the sky and the moon setting on the other.


When I got to work I filled up my uber-professional Monster’s Inc mug with office coffee (gag) and am contemplating trying to track down some real milk or creamer to take the “office coffee” edge off.  I also nibbled on a string cheese, no matter how few or many miles I run in the morning – working out before work always makes me super nibbly.


Ok, I’m off to get back to work and search for some sort of real-dairy to make this coffee tolerable.  Have a fabulous day and don’t forget to enter the Progresso/My Blog Spark contest!


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