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Just another foodie who loves to run!

Holy Speedwork Batman! November 3, 2009

Um, I just looked at my training plan and I have 5 miles of speedwork planned for tomorrow morning.  Yikes!!!  Funny how just a few weeks ago I was knocking off 8-10 miles of speedwork at a time and now 5 sounds scary.  It’s OK, must organize a good playlist to keep me motivated on the dreadmill treadmill.


Lunch today was a repeat from the last 2 nights, more roasted chicken stuffed into a Honey Whole Wheat Flat Out wrap with a little ranch dressing and lots of Frank’s Red Hot Sauce and a slice of Tillamook Muenster.


On the side I had some leftover couscous and veggies (I only ate about 1/4 of this as it was starting to get a little dry after 2 days in the fridge) and some vegetarian baked beans.



For dessert, I had another strawberry Fruit Roll Up:

fruit roll

While taking this picture I had to also stop and take a picture of the shoes I wore today – I love them!!  I found them on the clearance rack at the Anne Taylor Factory Store years ago for $9 and they are my favorite pick-me-up shoes 🙂


Today was again, crazy busy and all of a sudden it was 3pm. I snacked on a honeycrisp apple:


I left work around 5:30 and was pleasantly surprised to smell something delicious when I walked in the door – Chris had made gorditas!!  This is probably one of our favorite meals because the sauce that comes with the kit is SO addicting!  He cooked up some organic chicken with taco seasoning and heated up some vegetarian refried beans (with a can of low-sodium pinto beans mixed in) and ate them with the yummy spicy ranch sauce and lots of Newman’s Own chunky salsa (on mine, Chris hates chunky salsa and prefers picante sauce). On the side, we had…surprise, surprise, peaches!  We bought these peaches at Costco forever ago, and then thinking we were out bought some more.  Now we have 8 jars!!  Whoops!  So, expect to see lots of peaches on the blog in weeks to come.



Now it’s time to throw together lunches for tomorrow, set out my gym clothes, update my I Pod and maybe find some dessert while I’m at it.  I hope everyone has an awesome night!  And, in case you forgot – Glee is back on tomorrow night…woot!!!!!  I’m so ready for Will to find out about his wife not really being preggo and Finn to find out that Quinn’s pregnant by the guy with the mohawk (hehe), I suspect major drama and singing will ensue!

And, don’t forget about the Progresso/My Blog Spark giveaway!!  The deadline to enter (by leaving a comment on yesterday’s post) is 9pm Mountain Time on Thursday November 5th!


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