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Why do I even try… November 4, 2009

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…to run on Wednesday mornings?  Wednesdays are the hardest day for me, it’s the furthest from the weekend and even thoguh it’s the 1/2 way point of the week…that means there’s still 1/2 way to go through!  Needless to say, speedwork is yet again getting “pushed” to Thursday.  At this point, you’d think I’d just start scheduling Wednesday as a rest day, but apparently I’m not learning from the pattern of every week moving my Wednesday workout to Thursday…note to self – do not schedule speedwork next Wednesday!

Anyway, the other thing about Wednesdays is after I turn off the alarm that was set for speedwork I go back to sleep and generally don’t want to get out of bed.  I slept til 6:10 and was out the door by 6:45 meaning I missed my train and had to drive to work.  Too bad the lot I park in says that it is closing at 5:30 tonight and any cars there later will be towed.  Awesome.  Good thing I haven’t gotten out of here before 5:30 in a month!  So, I need to remember to move my car around 4:45 just to be safe 😦

Since I was running late this morning, I threw a cup of Stonyfield in my bag with some vanilla Udi’s granola and raisins to make a little “parfait.”  I also grabbed a string cheese and a cup of Naked OJ for the road in my Amazing Grass cup.





I need to also remember to take a little lunch break today and walk back over to Express.  I stopped in yesterday and got 2 pairs of earrings and 2 pairs of slacks since I had some “Express Cash” I needed to use up. It was a great deal, the slacks and jewelry were buy-one-get-one half off, so I got $190 worth of merchandise for $67 after the sale and my coupons!  But, when I was getting ready to put on my slacks this morning I realized the cashier hadn’t taken out the magnetic/ink cartridge thingie.  Ugh!!!

How is your day going?  Hopefully it’s starting out a little less eventful than mine!!


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