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Back in the swing of things. November 10, 2009

And, I’m back!

Sorry for no early morning post today, this morning was a wee smidge hectic. (I totally wanted to throw a “k” into the middle of hectic).  I didn’t manage to run this morning, which has an interesting story behind it!  At 4:15 I woke up and said “screw this, it’s cold and dark out, I’m going to snuggle up to Chris and go back to sleep.”  Well, karma had other plans and all of a sudden I was CERTAIN the creepy girl from The Orphan was in our room, and I kept picturing the scary preview in my head whenever I closed my eyes…but I was too scared to get out of bed to go to the gym in case she “got me.”  I know, I’m a weenie – I haven’t even seen this movie, nor do I have any interest to in case we decide to adopt some day, but seeing the previews have me creeped out, big time.  I mean, I was having the big time chills this morning and goose bumps and everything!

So, finally around 4:45 I fell back asleep only to have dreams that I was at the gym!  So, I woke up thinking I’d gone to the gym and got back in bed for a few minutes of shut-eye (which I have time for occasionally on short run days) and then got really depressed after remembering I didn’t.  Oh well, tomorrow is another day and that’s why my training plan has 3 rest days a week built in.

I finally got up at 6 and showered, ate 2 pieces of unpictured cold pizza and hopped in the car.  Chris has been having a selling frenzy on E-Bay and I had 6 or so packages to mail…no way I was carrying those on the train!  I picked up a peppermint mocha when I got to work for all my “trouble” being his mail lady 🙂

This morning flew by, I cannot believe it’s 1:20 already!  My co-worker has been very ill for a number of weeks so I’m trying to catch up on my work so I can start helping out again with hers.  Feeling a teeny bit overwhelmed, but it will pass I’m sure.

I’m breaking for lunch now, and brought 2 pieces of pizza from last night, a small handful of mixed olives from my Whole Foods extravaganza and a honey crisp apple.





I didn’t eat the big green olive…it had a weird texture that I just wasn’t OK with 🙂

How is your Tuesday going?  Is anyone else as creeped out by the Orphan previews as me?  Or, am I just a big baby??

In case anyone forgot – T minus 1 day (and some odd hours) until Glee is back, and T minus 10 days (and some hours) til New Moon – do you have your tickets yet?!?  And, if we’re going to start counting, T minus 6-7 months until True Blood is back!!  { Insert Teenage Girl Screams and Sobbing here }

Ok, must bring heart rate back to normal and start on some more financial statements!  Have a lovely day all!

Oh, and before I forget – CONGRATULATIONS to Jenna and her amazing news!!!


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