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Being a grown up stinks! November 10, 2009

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The rest of this afternoon was a blur…too much going on to keep it straight in my head.  I was only at work for 9 hours, but it felt like much longer.  I did manage to get pretty much caught up so I’m at a good starting place tomorrow though, thank goodness.  After lunch, I chewed a piece of this Project 7 gum that I picked up at Whole Foods – 50% of profits are donated to charities around the world!



Around 3pm, I snacked on some grapes and a string cheese.  Are these not the biggest grapes you’ve ever seen in your life??



Somewhere in the afternoon I managed to make an eye doctor appointment for my day off next Friday…hopefully that will relieve a little of my eye exhaustion at the end of each day.  It’s been 1.5 years exactly since my last appointment, so it’s time!  I did find out that our vision insurance provides $15 exams, free frames every 24 months up to $120 in value and then 35%-40% off lenses…for those of us with a ridiculously bad astigmatism, that is a great deal!!  And, the eye doctor is in the same building as our regular doctor – score!!

Dinner tonight was random leftovers.  Chris had leftover pizza from last night and I had leftover turkey meatloaf and potatoes from Sunday night.  I sliced my meatloaf and ate it on an onion bun with a thick slice of Colorado beefsteak tomato from my Whole Foods trip, slathered in Stubb’s BBQ, of course.



After dinner Chris and I had a long talk, about how being a grown up stinks, and how at this age we realize that sometimes the best thing for our family is not the most fun thing for us.  Even though it doesn’t make us happy individually – it’s the best for the both of us in the long-run, if that makes sense.  It all leads back to the CPA exam, as per usual.  I love to cook, to run, to read, and to work with people…none of which have anything to do with accounting.  But, I feel like since I’ve been working in accounting since I was 19 that I’m kind of stuck…6 years of progression makes it  very hard to want to go back to school, to take a big step back pay/autonomy wise, etc. So, while accounting may not be where my heart is, I’m reasonably OK at it and it pays the bills…I need to remind myself that the CPA won’t define me – whether I finally pass or come thisclose again, it’s just an exam, just a piece of paper.  Yes, it will mean greater job security if I ever choose to leave my current company or advance within the company, but it doesn’t mean that I’m going to sacrifice time for the things I love to become uber-CPA and work a hundred hours a week.  So, tonight I took the night off of studying, and tomorrow I’ll get back into it.  With thoughts of all the good things not related to accounting that I have to look forward to in life, and being thankful that I did find a profession that is fairly rock solid through economic turmoil.  It stinks to be a grown up…but that 11 day cruise we have planned years in the future through South America sounds pretty sweet, and you certainly can’t do that if you’re a kid 🙂

Have a wonderful night bloggies, Chris’ mom made brownies and they are calling my name!


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