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Friday Fridge! November 12, 2009

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I know it’s not quite Friday yet…but I don’t know if I’ll have time to post this in the morning.

Starting a series of Friday fridges (probably sporadic to start with) is my friend and ultrarunner/horse enthusiast Heidi!

Heidi was kind enough to get us started with a photograph of her cart after a recent grocery shop, this was before Heidi’s first ultramarathon – so it’s a great mix of foods and I was so excited to ask her some questions!


Sarah:  Could you describe you and your husband’s general diet (i.e. vegetarian, flexitarian, vegan, carnivore, avoid junk food, love the junk, etc)?

Heidi: We both avoid junk but I’m much more on that target than he is 🙂 He likes his turkey burgers and etc, while I generally avoid that kind of stuff. But I do have a sweet tooth! I try to eat a well-rounded, balanced diet.

Sarah:  I hear you!  We are trying to eat on the healthy bandwagon as well, but if there’s a brownie around there’s no stopping me 🙂  I see some juices in the lower right hand corner of the picture – could you share what type they are?  Do you use them in a smoothie or drink them plain?

Heidi:  Those juices are Naked’s protein drinks, and Odwalla (or a similar brand) ‘green goodness’, immunity, veggie juices. I tend to get one big bottle of something like this per week but had multiple small bottles on this occasion for my ultra. I drink em straight. They are wonderful 🙂 And I strongly credit Naked’s protein drink with allowing me to run long runs well, as well as recover.

Sarah:  I love Naked Juices as well!!  We usually buy Naked OJ in bulk at Costco and I LOVE the Naked Tangerine Juice…but I can NEVER find it.  If you find it, you must drink it, I demand it! It looks like you have a mix between regular milk and soy products – do you lean more toward one type than the other?  If so, is it for dietary, ethical, or taste reasons?

Heidi:  Dairy and soy–I was experimenting here; for a while I ate only soy yogurt and rice  milk. But now I only eat dairy yogurt (organic) and rice milk. I was at the halfway point here…I had some suspicions that my years of daily soy yogurt consumption was making me sensitive to soy.  I drink rice milk because straight up milk bothers my stomach. And instead of dairy chocolate milk I drink almond chocolate milk! I think rice milk tastes kind of like skim dairy milk so not much of a taste diff. there, especially if you primarily just use it over cereal. I tried soy milk at one time but thought it was way too sweet.

Sarah:  I have heard great things about chocolate almond milk!  I stayed away from dairy for a couple years after being diagnosed with IBS, but have recently found that drinking organic, non-modified milk/yogurt sits pretty well with my stomach, and I couldn’t give up “real” cheese 🙂  My husband is also anti-soy after a bad experience he had in college with chugging a whole box of it…yikes! Finally, what would a typical breakfast, lunch, and dinner in your house be?  It looks like you have a great variety of healthy/fresh foods in your cart – so I can’t wait to hear!


Breakfast (spread out over 2 hours)–banana, Erin Baker’s Breakfast Cookie (various flavors but I love Banana Walnut the most), yogurt with fresh berries (bring ’em separately to work in a tupperware tub). I eat this when I get to work. At home beforehand it’s just coffee.

Lunch–either a salad with a lot of different veggies, often with nuts or avocado or an egg or a chicken breast…or chicken breast with veggies on the side…or a turkey/chicken sandwich on organic whole grain bread….or, if I was feeling lazy while making my lunch, peanut butter on organic whole grain bread.

Often have a piece of fruit on the side, too, and once in a blue moon chips. But empathize once in a blue moon! LOL

Afternoon snack (spread out over an hour or so)–a bag full of raw veggies, usually broccoli and carrots but sometimes others mixed in, and occasionally a piece of fruit if I didn’t eat it at lunch.

Then when I get home from work if I have a run over 3 miles planned I eat another banana beforehand….then for dinner often have high fiber cereal (no specific brand, often just get what’s on sale) or oatmeal with raisins, and sometimes toast as well….since I have severe GERD I cannot eat a heavy dinner, especially if one eats dinner at 8 or after like I do (I eat after the barn/my run).

Weekends breakfast is pretty similiar, sometimes heavier (adding eggs for example, or toast), lunch is whatever comes our way, anything from the food bar at Whole Foods to Chipotle to something made at home. Dinner the same thing, tend to always cap off the night with a small bowl of high fiber cereal though.  Once a weekend we tend to eat salmon for dinner.

I drink coffee (3-4 cups a day), tons of water, Gatorade for hard runs, a cup or two of tea (usually green) a day, and a glass of the aforementioned juice. All coffee and tea is drank black with  no sugar. I like coffee that puts hair on your chest 😉

Sarah:  A girl to my own heart!  I’m so glad to see that I’m not the only person who spreads out breakfast into 2 “mini-meals.”  If I eat breakfast right after my morning run, I’m ravenous again by 9 🙂 And coffee…my saving grace.  I am breaking my frou-frou coffee habit (AGAIN) and will be using you and your black coffee as motivation!

Thank you so much for sharing your “fridge” and inner details of your food life with us Heidi!!

If you would like to share your fridge, pantry or eating habits with the “world” please send me an email at hogeruns@gmail.com and we can work out the details!  I’d love to feature all sorts of fridges/eating lifestyles, so please do not be shy!

Have a wonderful evening!


3 Responses to “Friday Fridge!”

  1. triathena Says:

    I’m a total junk food junkie, my shopping cart would probably shock most of the girls – then again, maybe not considering my constant battle with the bulge. Haha!

    • hogeruns Says:

      I’m going to post our fridge next week – after a trip to the store and cleaning out some of the scary leftovers…I would love to feature a wide variety of eating styles – bring on the junk!!!!

  2. Heidi Says:

    Haha there’s my cart! I love it. I’ll look for the Naked tangerine juice, I haven’t tried that one yet. I confess I began drinking coffee black out of pure laziness (too tired to bother with milk and etc) but after a while, it grew on me…then it grew on me even more when I realized that it was much healthier that way!

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