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Bummer day. November 16, 2009

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Do you ever have one of those days that just…stinks?  I did, today. I woke up with thoughts of calling the GI doctor and having them, I don’t know…care?  Instead, I got to speak 3 times with a very rude receptionist who said it “didn’t matter” what the ER doctor wrote on my discharge papers…just what the consulting GI doctor jotted down on her notes – which was that I was a non-emergent follow up.  That’s fine and good (and good meaning they think whatever happened Saturday night isn’t likely to happen again or get worse in the next few days), but shouldn’t someone have told me?  So now, my file and all my test results have been placed back in the consulting doctor’s mail box and I’ve been told they’ll call me to schedule a follow up when she’s reviewed them and has decided “if” they need to see me.  Ugh, seriously?  It just reminds me of when I called this same office (they are 3 offices which work together) in 2007 to see if I could schedule my annual checkup, and the receptionist said that I only needed a checkup if I “thought I needed one” but that there was a long wait (to see an actual physician at one of these 3 offices is 2+ months and to see a PA is a couple weeks).  Whatever happened to putting the customer first??  I know, they are probably bombarded with people trying to get in before the holidays, so I shouldn’t judge them…but I just wish that they would have been a teeny bit nicer about the whole business.

And, on top of things I was just feeling tired/sore and emotionally worn out from the last 48 hours and I came home from work at noon, watched the Vampire Diaries from last week, and took a long nap til Chris got home.  Neither of us felt like cooking so we made ramen noodles and mini-bagel “grilled cheese” for dinner.


We watched a couple Married with Children re-runs and now I’m actually contemplating going to bed.  My discharge papers said no caffeine, so it’s a perfect excuse to get back on the no-coffee/trying to get 8-hours of sleep a night bandwagon!  Since I’m “non-emergent” I’m going to go ahead and start running, easy miles, at some point this week.  I was hoping to run 35:00 or lower for the Turkey Trot next week, but now I’m just going to focus on being healthy and enjoying the day 😀

Have a great night all!!


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