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Team Edward vs. Team Jacob? November 21, 2009

Um.  Sadly.  Neither.  I have to say that I love, love, love the Twilight books.  I can get lost in them over and over again and I’m always torn – should Bella pick Edward who’s the love of her life…or should she pick Jacob, when she’s the love of his (kind of)?  But, on the big screen, the magic is just lost. I can’t help that I prefer my vampires to look like this:


Or this:



Or even this:



I can’t help it that through the entire movie I kept thinking about all the articles about Robert Pattinson’s bad breath and general bad hygiene (poor Kristen Stewart having to deal with that for months while shooting all those longing glances and dramatic pauses between.every.line.).  I read Twilight before seeing the movies, obviously, and the movies just don’t live up to the books in my opinion. Yes, they’re a fun way to spend 2 hours once a year…but the magic’s just not there.  I saw season 1 of True Blood before reading the Sookie Stackhouse novels and I was rooting for Bill and Sookie straight through to the very last page!  Anyway…enough of that!  If you saw New Moon, what did you think?


In other news, I’m really hoping to go running at some point within the next few days.  It’s been over a week now since my last run and I’m restless!  I have the OK from the doctor to get back to normal activities when I feel safe/haven’t had symptoms for a couple days but I’m still sore/tired/achy from the week’s events and am just afraid of hurting myself and having to spend weeks or a month away from running!  So much for the Turkey Trot this week 😦  I’ll either walk it with a friend who is recovering from a stress fracture or just sleep in and work on the whole “rest” order the doctor gave me and Chris is being so good at enforcing 🙂


Eats have been relatively boring the last week – lots of ramen noodles, chicken soup, clear fluids and toast.  Breakfast yesterday was chock-full-o fiber and actually pretty tasty!  I had a bowl of honey-nut O’s, a bagel (1/2 with honey nut cream cheese, 1/2 with plain) a glass of OJ and more water.  Seriously, I may float away.

The honey nut o’s were these, from Cascadian Farms:

Today, breakfast consisted of a Cinnabon Pretzel eaten at the movies, and a glass of Pom-Mango Amazing Meal mixed with OJ in the car.  I saved that picture somewhere and now I can’t find it.  Darn it!

Dinner tonight was ravioli from the freezer section at Costco (yum) topped with spaghetti sauce, a little mozzarella, and broccoli.  On the side, Chris and I split about 1/2 of this piece of bread I made forever ago (and subsequently froze for just such a night), split these shrimp and this fruit.  The fruit is from a giant fruit bowl purchased at Costco today 🙂

After dinner, we watched 500 Days of Summer (starring my husband’s dream woman Zoey Deschanel) and started to watch Inglorious Basterds…but lost interest.  I liked 500 Days of Summer…but hated the end!  If you’ve seen it, what did you think?  I am very picky about my romantic comedies and I like them to end a certain way…not like that!

Now, I’m getting sleepy and am going to contemplate bedtime 🙂  Have a wonderful Sunday!



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