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I miss running… November 23, 2009

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Yep, I do.  It’s been 12 days since my last run and I’m losing it!  I’m toying with the idea of getting up tomorrow am and throwing caution to the wind and just trying for a couple miles on the ‘mill….just so I can feel normal again!  I promise not to push myself too hard and will probably mix running/walking but I need some activity…or I’ll go insane 🙂

This is such a nice, quiet, short week!  I’m over 1/2 way through today and then just need to get through tomorrow and I’ll have 5 quiet days off.  Wednesday will be full of pie making action, Thursday will be *potentially* walking the Turkey Trot or a short run on my own followed by dinner with my extended in-laws and Friday will be staying away from consumerism as much as possible, hehe. I get so anxious in big crowds that Black Friday just isn’t appealing to me at all.

I’m focusing a lot on my GI doctor’s orders to get a ridiculous increased amount of fiber into my diet. He’s suggested I up my fiber intake to try to hit 25-35 grams/day in addition to continuing to avoid red meat and other steps I’ve taken with my IBS.  I like his more conservative approach, instead of my last GI doctor who wanted to push medications I wasn’t comfortable with (as they treated the symptoms, but not the underlying cause) but really – that’s a lot of fiber!  So far today I’ve gotten about 18 grams.  But, I kind of cheated and purchased some packaged oatmeal that has 10 grams per packet…whatever works I suppose?

Breakfast this morning was a Chocolate Amazing Meal shake made with a 1/2 scoop of Chocolate Amazing Meal, 1/2 a cup of 1% chocolate milk and 1/2 a cup of skim regular milk.  I accidentally took the “last-last” drink today instead of stopping at the “last” and nearly “lost” said shake.  The gritty “last-last” sip is just too much for my gag reflex to take.  It’s not the taste of that sip, it’s the texture!  Note to self, always stop at the “last” sip…when it looks like there’s one more sip – stop!!

When I got to work I heated up a packet of Quaker High Fiber oatmeal in Cinnamon Swirl Flavor and added a ton of raisins for extra fiber/substance.


Around 11 I snacked on some baby carrots, “cherub” tomatoes and kalamata olives with some ranch dressing for dipping.  I also had a fruit leather.

I’d better get back to work – have a wonderful Monday!!



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