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I must stop… November 24, 2009

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Reading about this race, before I change my mind from a 50k and start thinking about a 50 miler!!

So, bloggies, I’m going to be rational and explain why I must stop reading the website and go back to my planned 50k race.

#1 – Elevation! It is hard enough to get ready for Greenland Trail which starts around 6,700-6,800 feet with less than 1,000 feet of elevation gain (well, 1,000 feet per lap, and the 50k runners complete the loop 4 times) – as it’s a trail run and running uphill on a trail is a little harder than running uphill on asphalt/on the treadmill, and it’s hard to train on the trails for Greenland since it’s the first weekend in May…when the trails still have snow 🙂  RRR is in September…meaning that snow could be starting already as the race starts at 6,900 feet and climbs up to 10,500 feet before coming back down.  Sure, I’d have the summer to hit the higher elevation trails to be more acclimated – but that’s a lot of time in the car each weekend before logging a 3-5+ hour LR.

#2 – Time! I’m already at work 45-50 hours a week (up to 60+ when we’re super busy), studying for the CPA exam, and trying to be a good wife/have free time.  Training for a marathon and 50k are plenty of training…for the marathon I was at the gym/on the road/at the park anywhere from 30-90 minutes 3 days a week before work and on the weekends my long-runs ranged between 1 hour and 4 hours!  For a 50 miler my long runs would top out around 29 miles and would be ran slower than marathon LR pace…which could put me at 5-6 hours+ depending on terrain/walk breaks/etc.

#3 – Pure Insanity! I’ve always been a firm believer that you should work up through the distance ranks, that it’s generally not safe/sane to jump from a 10k to a marathon or from any distance below a marathon to an ultra.  26.2 miles was hard, very, very hard mentally, physically and emotionally.  I had never crossed the 20 mile threshold before my marathon and found out that with the added “whammy” of a hot day, my mind just wasn’t ready for it and I crumbled quite a bit that last 6.2 miles.  Running Greenland – I’m familiar with the course (it’s a loop layout and I’ve ran the 8M and 25k distances before), so there will never be a moment when I am alone/able to get lost.  With RRR, I’d be up on a mountain, crossing the Continental Divide and potentially running in the dark at least once if not twice (it’s dark when the race starts and the time limit is at 9pm…so it would be dark then as well).  I would hate to think of hitting mile 40 and being 10 miles from civilization and possibly getting lost/injured/etc.  I don’t plan to drop out of Greenland, but if heaven help something does go wrong, at least I know I’m never more than 4 miles from someone who can help.

Ok, those are my top three reasons.  And, after working through them, I feel much more sane/realistic.  Running Greenland in May allows me to still run a fall marathon (the Denver marathon is joining the Rock ‘n Roll franchise this year, so I’m excited to run it again) and I am so excited to kick this race’s butt.  The climb has always been rough on me, the first time you run the loop it doesn’t feel “so” bad…but each successive loop is a form of torture and this year I will be ready!  My hill training in past years has been a little bleak…not so this year, I’m actually excited to focus on hills, smart walk breaks and fueling to see just how well I can do 🙂

On that happy note, I’m going to head to bed – tomorrow’s my first run in nearly 2 weeks after the whole tummy/intestine fiasco and I cannot wait!  Thank you for being my sounding board bloggies!


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  1. hey marie Says:

    You’re a bada$s for going for a 50k in the first place! But I understand it’s hard not to want to do more especially when coming off a high of doing a marathon. You’re smart not to push yourself too much right now. Best of luck, Sarah!

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