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DIY Take Out Night December 2, 2009

Hi y’all!  I hope you all had a great Wednesday…only 2 more days til the weekend!!

Today was a quiet day at the office, it’s going to be quiet for the next few weeks so my day was spent organizing and getting ready for January…much as the next few weeks of days will be spent.

My morning snack was a small cup of Oikos with a little Udi’s vanilla granola on top + a clementine.  *Tip* Do NOT peel and segment your clementine and then forget it on your desk while you go to a meeting.  When you come back, the skin will be crunchy….I ate it since the orange was fine..just a little…um, dry.  Ick!!!

Lunch was leftover chili and cornbread from last night, a Stretch Island fruit leather and another clementine (minus the crunchy skin).

Before heading home, I nibbled on some mini-cucumbers, kalamata olives, cherry tomatoes, carrots and a little ranch dressing.  I wasn’t able to finish the carrots, I filled up on cuc’s!

Tonight after braving the cold to get to and from the train (and nearly wiping out 2x in the parking lot in front of some man that told me I need better snow boots, no, they’re fine, thank you very much, hmph!) I was craving something, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. I had planned on making orange chicken but it just didn’t sound “right” for a cold night like this.  Chris suggested pizza but I was determined to stick to our only eating out 1 night a week plan, and I had a stroke of genius and threw together a DIY version of Qdoba!

First, I cooked 2 chicken breasts in a non-stick skillet (with the lid on, so they steamed instead of frying or cooking with oil) and then added taco seasoning to the chicken. At the same time I heated up a can of black beans to which I added cumin, garlic powder and lime juice and I made some brown rice with a little Better than Buillion + lime juice + cilantro + taco seasoning.  I shredded some cheddar and gouda and made each of us a small quesadilla using snack sized tortilla shells (and added some Rotel to mine) :

We also split most of this plate of nachos which have chips, cheese, seasoned black beans, sour cream, chicken, and LOTS of salsa:

This turned out really good, and will definitely be added to our dinner list going forward.  Most of the ingredients were organic, and it tasted great.  Now I must figure out how to replicate their 4 cheese queso and I’m set!

Glee is taping right now for us to watch tomorrow night before Grey’s, can’t wait!!  I am sad that the fall seasons are winding down, but that means we’re so much closer to Secret Diary of a Call Girl coming back on (my guilty pleasure that I’m a little embarrassed to admit I can’t miss a week) and it means we’re just about 7 months away from True Blood coming back, wahoo!!!

Before I sign off for the night, I wanted to tell you all about one of my favorite services – Swap Tree!  I found out about Swap Tree earlier this year through a friend and am hooked, it is a free service where you can list books, DVDs, CDs and video games that you are willing to trade on your “Have List.”  You also make a “Want List” of the same items that you’d like to trade and the system either shows you automatic trades you can make, or scans the listings of have/want lists to see who you can trade with.  When a trade is complete, you print a shipping label through the website (Media Mail through the Post Office so each trade costs about $2.50, you can use your debit or credit card and Swap Tree bills you 1x a month for your shipping fees) and a few days later, you have a new media item!  I just traded The Time Traveler’s Wife for The Road, can’t wait to get it!!  If you are as addicted to books as me (and hate dealing with the waitlist at the public library), you must check out Swap Tree!


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