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-583 December 9, 2009

I wish that the news website would allow me to copy their live forecast.  It currently says the actual temp here in CO is -583 degrees F.  They have apologized as their temperature equipment cannot handle the ridiculously low temps we’re experiencing today.  When I woke up, the actual temperature was -8!!  I actually didn’t walk to the gym this morning, and I’m glad I didn’t.  According to the weather channel/other news stations with functional equipment, the windchill right now is -34!!!  Yikes!  Say a little prayer/send up a thought for the homeless people outside right now 😦

This morning’s been just a bit strange around the Hoge Runs household.   I was jolted awake around 4am by a strange noise and noticed that Chris was sitting up in bed next to me.  Hmmm…strange?  I asked what he was doing and he said he was just turning over/had just woke up.  Um, right.  Even when I’m 3/4 of the way asleep I can tell when he’s lying! He finally admitted he was looking for bed bugs and I fell back asleep to let him investigate.  Apparently, he read on-line that bed bugs are most active from 4-5am.  Right when I’d like to be sleeping (or waking up for the gym if it wasn’t negative 583 degrees out ;)).

After I got out of the shower I noticed Chris was still poking around in the bedroom with a flashlight.  I really do NOT think we have bed bugs.  We haven’t seen any signs of them, we haven’t gotten multiple patches of bites, and the bites show up later in the day…not when we get out of bed.  We’ve seen spiders in the apartment since we moved in, so I’m leaning more toward that.  I deal with anxiety every day of things that aren’t real/my mind spins…but watching Chris do it is painful!  I actually snapped at him a bit this morning (which I’ve asked him not to do a billion times when I get panicky that the sky is falling) and then felt terrible.  We’ll get through this “bed bug” crisis together hun!!

Neither of us had much of an appetite and we needed to leave early to let the cars “warm up” a little before driving, so when I got to work I had a cup of extra-hot coffee (office coffee) in my Monsters’ Inc mug with a spoonful of the honey-caramel cream I made last week.  Yum!!  I also had a slice of pumpkin cream cheese bread.  You can just barely see the penguins on my holiday Press-and-Seal wrap…I’m such a sucker for cute holiday stuff.

Now I’d better get back to work, and am debating putting on my socks with my high heels…classy, no?

Before I go – did you watch the Biggest Loser finale last night?  What did you think?  I was happy with the winner, I think that both he and the runner up did an amazing job all season of trying to find balance/get healthy not just get thin.  And…what did you think of Rebecca’s hair/Jillian’s outfit??  And the challenge for Shay for next season?


4 Responses to “-583”

  1. Heidi Says:

    “We’ll get through the bed-bug crisis, hun”…LOL! I agree it’s possibly spiders. Where are the bites? If they’re around the ankle it could be fleas too.

  2. hogeruns Says:

    So far I’ve had 2 on each shin and one on my back and Chris’ were both on his arms (I think). I’m leaning toward spiders…we haven’t had any flea-bearing animals in the house/been around any really for almost a year…so I wouldn’t think it was those! The bites are also just one or two here and there, not clusters like I’d imagine a flea/bed bug infestation 🙂

  3. courtlove111 Says:

    I loved Biggest Loser last night but Rebecca kind of freaked me out! She seemed really manic and that hair almost looked like a wig. I loved how spunky she was before…I hope it was just nerves for the show. I loved the proposal as well…and thought everyone looked great.

    adventures in tri-ing

  4. biz319 Says:

    Loved the biggest loser finale!

    A few things: Rebekah’s dress – a tad too short, I almost saw her underwear when she was walking down the stairs!

    Jillian’s outfit? Looked like cat woman – all that was missing were the cat ears.

    I thought Danny did great – I did not like Julio’s gotee at all – he actually looked older than he did at the beginning!

    Bottom line is that I need to up my exercise if I want to melt the fat – and I think I need to eat more – I usually am between 1300 and 1400 calories, and since I work out every day I may up it to 1700.

    Aren’t you glad I can type 120 words per minute! 😀

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