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Getting settled December 10, 2009

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We’re working on getting settled into our temporary home, the light rail ride home wasn’t bad at all!  The ride is about 45 min each way…but it’s quiet!  I finished The Road tonight, and highly recommend it!  Not the happiest book ever written, but beautifully written and a very intricate and well drafted story.  Can’t wait to see the movie!

Before heading home…was lunch!  I picked up a salad at the convenience store in my building, it had an oil/vinegar dressing, romaine, spinach, cucumber, tomatoes, olives and feta.  I added some cherry tomatoes from home for an extra oomph.

I also nibbled on my homemade honey wheat and gouda sandwich and ate about 1/2 of my honey crisp.

When I got home we went to Fazoli’s for dinner.  Thursday is spaghetti night in our house, so it was the only option!  Tomorrow night we’ll pick up more groceries to stock up.  I had an order of chicken parmesan and a side salad.  I ate both pieces of chicken and a little of the spaghetti but was too full for the salad, it will make an appearance in my lunch tomorrow!  Sorry for the crummy picture, I forgot to take it til 1/2 way through my meal.

Chris and I are now working on streaming Glee on line to watch last night’s finale…fingers crossed!

Have a wonderful night everyone!


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