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Holy Crap We’re Moving December 10, 2009

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I have gotten a lot of things crossed off my “Holy Crap We’re Moving” Checklist today.  I didn’t really write it down…but I am mentally checking things off.

Today, during lulls at work I have:

1.  Reserved a storage unit, we’ll go sign the paperwork this weekend.  I called on a good day – we get the first 30 days for only $23!

2.  Contacted realtor – we’ll meet with her on January 9th.  That gives us time to finish getting the apartment cleaned out/exterminated and also work on our down payment *shakes fist at apartment complex for “stealing” our $$*

3.  Contacted mortgage company to verify how long our pre-approval lasts and clear up a few questions we came up with last night/this morning that we forgot yesterday during the app process.

4.  Started looking at houses over my lunch break, reminding myself to look past cosmetic issues and think of the “bones.”

5.  Made a list of things for Chris to pick up from the apartment tonight that I cannot live without until Saturday (Amazing Grass, Organic Milk, Amazing Grass shaker cup and a couple books I just traded on SwapTree).

6.  Set up mail forwarding through post office.

7.  Changed address with work (so my W2 goes to the right place).

8.  Changed address with NetFlix (so we have entertainment at the IL’s).

I think that’s it…this weekend we’ll cancel our cable/internet and deal with the electric company.  Still need to talk to the insurance company about cancelling our renter’s insurance, or if it’s best to carry it til we get a house to keep the multi-policy discount.  Can anyone think of anything I’m forgetting??

Only 45 more minutes in the office and then it’s time to experience my first “long-long” train commute…I think door to door it will be about an hour and a half, but we’ll see!

Anyone else going through it’s Thursday where’s Grey’s withdrawal???


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