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Happy Hump Day! December 16, 2009

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Hi Bloggies, how I’ve missed you!!  I’ve been a horrible blogger the last week, we ate out a bunch (at least we stuck to no red meat…but pretty much every other dietary rule I try to follow I broke, at least once, lol) last week/weekend when we were first moving in with the IL’s and all weekend was spent chucking/washing our stuff.  And, we have another “fun” weekend of chucking and packing this weekend – when we toss our furniture and move what we’re going to keep to storage.  I haven’t blogged the last couple days because I just feel really adrift, just like no one around me understands what we’re going through for various reasons…and I don’t like to dwell on it through the blog because I’m afraid I sound whiny.

So, instead of talking about all that – I’ll tell you about running!  I had a major minor breakdown in Target this weekend when I realized that I can’t run at 4:30 in the morning like I’m used to because a) I’d wake up the whole neighborhood opening the garage door (not sure why, but my IL’s only use the front door on special occassions and b) it’s really dark and cold out at 4:30am.  Chris was able to talk me down before I started sobbing hysterically and we decided I should try to get my runs in at work on my lunch hour.  This is stressful as very few people here take an actual lunch hour – but I’m determined to take one at least 2x a week.  My maintenance plan is kind of going in the garbage and I’ll just focus on getting 3-5 miles a day 3 days a week (2x during the work week and the 3rd day either on a work day or Saturday) and focus on getting my long runs back up to a comfortable 10 miles by early January.  Just a bump in the road 🙂

Yesterday felt so good to get out and run!  I ran about 5 miles on Sunday and it was windy and cold, but yesterday at lunch it was breezy and almost 50!  I need to pay attention to which streets have 5/6 way stoplights and avoid them as I spent nearly 10 minutes yesterday waiting for lights to change, so I only got in 2.71 miles.  Today I’m going on a busier street and hoping that the lights will work in my favor and get closer to 4 miles in.  I brought my Garmin (405) with me to the office, seriously such a good investment…I’m glad Chris talked me into it last year!!

Catching up from last week/this weekend.  What did you all think of the Glee and Dexter finales?!?!?  My $.02 – Glee – LOVED it and cannot wait for next season!!  The end was so romantic and sweet and I really just feel happy after watching that show.  And then…there was Dexter.  I’m still super torn on the outcome, yes, it was an awesome twist in the story…but I just don’t see how the writers can keep Dexter as the “loveable serial killer” after this turn of events.  I’m interested to see how it plays out, but apprehensive that this could have been a wrong turn for the series.  Thoughts??


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