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Is it dorky… December 20, 2009

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…that the music my in-laws are blasting was my traditional “I’m stressed and need a mini-dance party” music through college?  I hope not…because they’re blaring Bob Seger downstairs (greatest hits?) and I can barely keep my booty in one place!  I don’t remember the blaring tunes last weekend…so maybe it’s a special occasion?  Hmm…

Yesterday was a whirlwind, as expected.  (Oh…Hollywood Nights just came on…) We woke up around 6:45 and were out the door at 7.  First stop – Burger King.  Chris had the cheesy bacon/egg wrap and I had French Toast Sticks.  Then, we packed, and packed, and threw things away, and packed.  We ended up filling 2.5 more dumpsters with our furniture, “apartment” storage (plastic bins/etc) and other miscellaneous stuff.  And the rest of our apartment fit into a 5×10 storage unit with room to spare.  On my week off at the end of the year I have to go over and finish laundry (#$%^&*! bed bugs!!) and vacuum before the exterminator comes again on the 29th.  And then, we’re done!  We’ll turn in our keys on the 8th or 9th and then meet with the realtor the 9th to start the “fun” part!

Yesterday evening was “Christmas” at the in-laws, (pause, new song…I recognize it, but don’t know the name…waiting on the chorus to update you all).  We had a really nice evening visiting with our niece, eating a great dinner, and opening gifts. Dinner was unpictured – but I passed on the ham (have you seen the video’s on meat.org?  I just can’t get those images and the images from Food Inc out of my mind…so I’m going to have to stick with my local/organic meats and cannot wait til we have a house and can order straight from the farmers).  Anyway…so for dinner I had butter noodles, a roll, scalloped potatoes (that’s what they called them, but it seemed like potatoes in a cream of mushroom soup) and corn.  The rolls were leftover from my Thanksgiving bake-a-thon

I was super excited about my gifts:

  • Grey’s Anatomy Season 5
  • The Twilight Boxed Set
  • A pryex whisk that scrapes the side of the bowl
  • A donut pan
  • A gift card for a local running store

Chris also got some video game thing that he’s  been lusting over for a few months now…boring 😉

Here are some favorite pictures of our niece from last night, she’s turning into such a ham with sticking her tongue out, blowing raspberries and just being an overall cutie-patootie!  We went a wee bit overboard with gifts for her and got her a baby sweatsuit, fleece lined hot pink “crocs,” a hot pink sleeper with penguins on it, a soft book about a puppy and the “big gift” a Winnie the Pooh hundred acre jet (Bob’s back on…Against the Wind).  The jet’s a little advanced for her (she’s 5 months old) but she will grow into it and the adults had a great time playing with it!

(I know she looks a little orange, I’m working on the Netbook which only has one photo correction program right now and the picture was too cute not to post…she’s putting EVERYTHING in her mouth right now as she’s starting to teethe ).

And now I need to get cleaned up – we need to head to Costco for a couple things and Chris needs something from Best Buy for his new “toy.”  Have a great day bloggies!


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