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Lazy Sunday December 20, 2009

Hi Bloggies, happy Sunday afternoon!

Today has  been a lazy day, with a capital L.  Chris is still nursing his cold and neither of us slept well last night (until I finally remembered my mom telling me to sleep with my head propped WAY up when I had a cough as a kid and we finally fell asleep around 6am) so I woke up dehydrated, with a raging headache and just sleepy in general.  I felt a little guilty skipping my 6 miles this morning, but sometimes you just need to blog and be lazy 🙂

Chris’ mom made breakfast this morning – scrambled eggs with leftover ham from last night and cheese.  I ate a scoop of eggs minus the ham…darn PETA images in my head!!  I also had 2 slices of wheat toast with butter (Shedd’s Spread Country Crock, what my grandparents used to use – felt like Sundays as a kid, hehe) and some of my homemade triple berry jelly from this summer (pre-blogging, can’t wait to photograph and share with you guys this summer…it seriously looks like a murder scene and takes forever to clean up, but is so good it’s worth it).  Typical of the last week, I failed on pictures 😦

After breakfast we had to run to Best Buy to pick up something for Chris’ video game thing-a-ma-bobber and Costco to pick up chicken (our Costco carries Coleman Organics chicken, which we really enjoy).  Best Buy didn’t have what Chris needed, but I did manage to find some Trolli Bright Crawlers and a  bottle of water (and Chris found a set of 3 games for the Wii he wanted that was normally $49.99 marked down to $19.99!).  At Costco we got 2 whole chickens, the card Chris needed for his game thing (it was $170 at Best Buy and $28 at Costco – same brand and everything!!), a cute purple sweater I could not pass up (short-sleeve, deep V and a really deep purple color that was only $12) and some lunch meat.  We then headed over to Ultimate Electronics to look for the card reader and ran into Chris’ parents!!  Small world 🙂

At Ultimate we found the card reader and browsed through the appliances as I have an infatuation with Electrolux and was looking to see if they’re only carried at Best Buy or other places…so far looks like just  Best Buy in our area.  We also checked out the selection of pool tables and found one we really like.  It’s only $9,500 – so we’ll be putting that on our Christmas list next year…not!  It would be nice though 😛  We also found some fun chairs that go in the game room that have a holder not only for your drink, but also your pool stick!  They were only $799.99 each 😉  A girl can dream…

After Ultimate we came home and I cleaned the bathroom and started some laundry while Chris cleaned the tub and our fish Franklin’s tank.  Franklin has been playing dead lately but after getting fresh water today he was unstoppable!  He was looping around and around his tank for a good 2 or 3 minutes and then went to take a nap in his “house.”  Apparently he was worn out.  We made a quick lunch of Udi’s sour dough bread (found at Costco last week, score) topped with a little pizza sauce + turkey pepperoni + Parmesan + a sprinkle of mozzarella.  On the side we had some Rice Works chips and each had 2 Newman-Os.  If you haven’t tried these, you need to!  They taste JUST like Oreo’s but are made with mainly organic ingredients and a portion of proceeds goes to charity.

Now I’m curled up with one of Chris’ parents dogs while Chris is trying to figure out how to stream Hulu through the internet in his PlayStation 3.  I just discovered how freaking awesome Hulu since we moved in with Chris’ parents and am hooked!  Last night I watched Top Chef and last week we watched Glee…fun!!


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