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Productive Christmas Eve Morning December 24, 2009

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It’s 11:45 and I’ve been so productive this morning!  I did choose to sleep in til 9:45 instead of going for a run (there’s like 6 inches of snow outside…do you blame me?) but then I jumped to action.  First, I showered and got dressed – Chris and I are going to go out to lunch when he gets home…if he gets home any time soon.  Here I am all dolled up in my new Costco sweater and new glasses!

After prettying myself up, I tried something new for breakfast – microwave scrambled eggs.  I’ve seen these throughout the blog world and one of the secretaries at work makes them every day…and I was craving eggs.  I took 2 organic cage free eggs and whisked them in a tupperware.

Then, cover with a paper towel and microwave for about 1 minute…and you get this!

I forgot to take a picture of the finished product, but I ate my eggs with some ketchup, hot sauce and a little shredded cheese.  I also had 2 slices of toast with a little butter and black raspberry/blood orange jam.

I’ve been told to up my fiber intake to ridiculous amounts…and I just wasn’t getting there with food, so I picked up some Benefiber – it dissolves into any liquid/soft food and is taste/grit free.  So far so good!  This morning I mixed 2 teaspoons with my Naked OJ.

Breakfast was gross…I hated it 😉

After breakfast I continued my productive morning and made my veggie and relish trays for tonight’s Christmas Eve dinner.  All of our serving trays are in storage so I covered a throw-a-way aluminum pizza pan with Christmas press-and-seal wrap, cute penguins, huh?

The veggie tray has broccoli, carrots, cherry tomatoes and celery.  I bought a tub of ranch dressing for dipping…and went overboard with the carrots, per Chris’ request 🙂

The relish tray has English Cucumber, green olives, black olives, sweet gherkins and lots of dill pickles (again per the husband’s request).

Now I’m watching the Today show and waiting for Chris to get home.  Have you seen the Today show since Katie Lee joined the cast?  She’s insane!!  I just don’t understand her humor, or something.

Have a very wonderful Christmas Eve everyone!!


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