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Day after Christmas Blahs December 26, 2009

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Hi bloggies!

I hope you all enjoyed your day after Christmas, hit some nice sales, and enjoyed some yummy leftovers!!  I’m still dealing with the cold from he** (thanks Chris!) and just felt a little off all day…and as such forgot my camera all day as well!  For breakfast Chris and my mother-in-law, father-in-law and I went to Village Inn…the Nutella crepes were calling my name!!  Here’s a picture from the VI website of how the perfect crepes would look 🙂 My crepes weren’t quite as perfect but were still topped with banana, strawberry, chocolate syrup and filled with a delicious Nutella/cream cheese filling.  I had hashbrowns and sausage on the side 🙂

We spent the rest of the afternoon chatting with Chris’ parents and the boys dismantled my in-laws $500 Dyson vacuum.  I read instructions off the internet and prayed that they’d be able to put it back together!!  I was afraid to take pictures and spoil their concentration 😉  Thankfully the vacuum is back in one piece and running like new. If you have a Dyson DC 17 Animal model vacuum that’s lost it’s suction, just give me a call!

Chris and I ran to Target and it wasn’t as crazy as I’d expected!  We picked up a few plastic bins to organize our room at the in-laws and to store the rest of our clothes that I’ll sanitize for storage this week while I’m on vacation.  We also picked up some junk food for Chris.  He’s down to a ridiculously low weight for his height (6’2″) and could fit 2 of himself in his jeans…so it’s time to bulk him back up!  For some reason his body just loses weight no matter how much healthy stuff he eats and he can’t keep on the pounds unless he starts eating the “bad” stuff again.  It was kind of fun filling part of our cart with naughty goodies though…and it’s funny that they weren’t even “bad” for the most part.  Beef jerky (just for Chris…red meat, ick!), Pepperidge Farm double-chocolate cookies, Newman O’s, Mountain Dew Code Red (he can drink one and go to sleep 10 minutes later, the caffeine just doesn’t affect him!), Babybel Cheese (not junk at all…just a treat), and on and on.  I definitely plan to test out a cookie or two…just to make sure they’re safe for my husband 😉

Dinner tonight was what we had planned to have yesterday but I felt too crummy to put together.  I heated up a turkey breast in the crockpot and we had rolls (leftover from Thanksgiving that we heated up from the freezer), peas, and mashed potatoes with gravy on the side.  I spaced a picture til we were both 1/2 done, and if you’ve seen a plate with half eaten potatoes and gravy…you know it’s gross looking!  So…please wait and you’ll be seeing leftovers tomorrow!

Ok bloggies, it’s 7 and time for cold medicine…and maybe a movie!  Chris and I still need to watch Coraline and maybe tonight will be the night!

Have a great night!!


One Response to “Day after Christmas Blahs”

  1. ellenrunsnyc Says:

    Yummmm brunch! Definitely my favorite meal!!

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