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Weird!!! December 30, 2009

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I saw this on the news last night and meant to post about it, but spaced til I saw it again just now.  Chris and I visited San Francisco for a week in August to celebrate our first anniversary and spent a good amount of time early in the morning watching the Sea Lions at Pier 39.  And now, just a couple months later, they’re gone!!

This article from MSNBC states they probably left to follow a food source (anchovies, sardines, etc) and that more than likely they will be back in the spring…so strange to see the empty docks though!

Here are a few pictures of the sea lions stacked 2 and 3 deep on the docks back in August:

Now that I’m feeling nostalgic for our trip, here are a few other favorite pictures of our week:

Passing under the Golden Gate Bridge on a Bay Cruise:

Eating at Sam Wo’s in China Town (thanks Jen!!)

Jellyfish at the Fisherman’s Wharf aquarium (using the fancy aquarium setting on our camera):

Lovin’ on some trees in Muir Woods:

Strolling in Sausalito:

The view of the city from Alcatraz at sunset:

Snuggling up watching the city lights after the night tour of Alcatraz:

Phew…now I want to go on vacation again!!  What was your favorite trip of 2009?  Or, what is your dream trip for 2010?


3 Responses to “Weird!!!”

  1. Linn Says:

    Sarah- I hadn’t heard about them being gone from the docks. I sure hope they come back in the spring!

    My favorite trip of 2009 was our trip to Death Valley in November!

    For 2010, we don’t have anything big planned, but do hope to climb either Mt. Shasta or Mt. Whitney and spend some time in Yosemite!

    Happy New Year dear!

  2. Jen Says:

    Oh yay, those pics make me love it here even more 🙂 I only went on one trip in 2009 – gold country/Tahoe/Reno. It was a blast and I hope we have more trips in 2010!

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