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Book Review December 31, 2009

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I just finished the Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein on the light rail home today, if you are an animal lover and don’t mind a good cry – read this book!

The whole story is narrated by Enzo the dog, and one of the core themes is Enzo believes if he lives his dog life as best he can, he’ll be reincarnated into a human in another life.  The story follows Enzo from one end of life to the other and all that he sees over those years.  I really enjoyed the writing style, very easy to get into, witty at the right moments, serious at the right moments and throughout the book I kept thinking that Mr. Stein had a real insight into those expressions we’re all so familiar with from our dogs.

I had to stop myself from crying at the end of the book on the light rail, not a sad ending…but still hard to read with dry eyes!!


2 Responses to “Book Review”

  1. Linn Says:

    I really want to read this! I got some Border’s gift cards, so plan on buying this!

  2. hogeruns Says:

    I think you will really enjoy it Linn, just have the Kleenex ready! I made the mistake of finishing the book on the light rail…I held it in til I got to my car then bawled, hehe. But, it was happy/sad tears because of the way the author works the ending 🙂

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