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Just another foodie who loves to run!

Happy New Year…Almost! December 31, 2009

Just about 3.5 hours til 2010!  I’m relaxing in bed watching a Vampire Diaries repeat…I know, exciting 😉  I can’t wait for the 21st of January for new episodes!

Today was a short day, I worked 7:30 to 2:30 and had such a weird appetite!  I picked up a turkey sausage + cheddar sandwich on an Asiago bagel at Einstein’s on my way in to the office and a grande hot cocoa at Starbucks.

Around 10 I snacked on a bag of Baked Cheetos 🙂

Lunch was from the Falafel King in the building’s food court – a hummus/falafel special with a whole wheat pita.  I love the hummus at Falafel King, it’s so creamy and the hot sauce on top is just an extra little kick.

After I got home I watched an episode of Bob Ross – we’ve been watching a lot of PBS as we just have antennae cable right now 🙂 Then Chris and I went to Tokyo Joe’s for dinner.  I tried the chicken wraps instead of a rice bowl and was pleasantly surprised!  This plate had 5 pieces of Bib Lettuce, grilled chicken, 1/4 of an avocado, sliced cucumber, sliced carrot and red peppers.  There were also three dipping sauces.  One was a spicy peanut, the middle was a ginger/soy dressing and I couldn’t quite place the third…it was kind of…like pesto?  All together- pretty yummy!

I just snacked on some Pepperidge Farm caramel chunk cookies and a glass of milk with Benefiber and Chris and I played a game of Uno, a game of checkers and 2 games of Yatzee.  He won all 4 games!!  I seriously cannot win a board game against him, obviously he’s cheating 😉

Are you having a crazy New Years Eve, or a low key night in?  How ever you’re celebrating it, I hope you are having a wonderful night and that 2010 starts out wonderfully tomorrow morning!

Nightie Night bloggies!  Check back tomorrow am for the Bare Fruits winner!!


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