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Happy Monday! January 11, 2010

Hi Everyone,

I’ve been a terrible blogger this weekend – I have TONS of pictures to share and stuff to tell you, but it will have to be in a mega post this evening as I slept in (hehe) and now am slammed at work.  But, to give you a little teaser tonight I’ll share about:

  1. Bora Bora granola bars
  2. Wingin’ It – our new favorite “too expensive to go all the time but darn it, it’s good” restaurant
  3. House Hunting (insert dramatic music)
  4. A step-by-step instructional on the elusive crockpot whole chicken (which pictures always seem to disappear before I can share them with you)
  5. A review of Bongo Billy’s coffee (courtesy of my father-in-law given I had to give up coffee for a while the day my sample appeared in the mail, boo hiss!!)
  6. A review of Avatar

And I think that’s it…but as you can see  – it’s going to be an exciting, and very long post 🙂  Can’t wait to catch you all up!


One Response to “Happy Monday!”

  1. EE Says:

    I’d like to go to Bora Bora. I wonder if the granola bars mentally transport you there…

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