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Grey’s, why do you do this to me? January 15, 2010

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I obviously didn’t have time to blog yesterday as Grey’s/Private Practice were a double-crossover.  Did you see?  What are your thoughts?  I’m just kind of melancholy about the whole thing.  I KNEW that the writers just couldn’t let everyone be happy, and really…Katherine Heigl should make up her mind – TV or movies, quit screwing with the story lines!!

I’ll be back tonight or tomorrow with more regular updates, we have 10 or so houses to look at this weekend (unless they’re sold before then) but tomorrow’s a very lazy day!

happy Friday!


4 Responses to “Grey’s, why do you do this to me?”

  1. thanks for the comment 🙂

    heh. i quit watching greys back in the third season haven’t haven’t tuned in since. i can’t stand katherine heigl either!

  2. EE Says:

    Ummmm…. true story regarding me and Grey’s Anatomy. In my first year of med school, the first episode aired. I was so excited. Then halfway through it, I started crying because being a doctor looked so depressing. Prophetic? Probably not, but I am no longer in med school. And I haven’t watched the show since. I do realize I should likely give it a fair shake since so many people love it…

  3. ellenrunsnyc Says:

    I am so mad. They finally got the mer der thing right. Now, there screwing everything else up.


  4. hogeruns Says:

    PF – I have definitely broken up with Grey’s from time to time (the whole thing where Mer broke up with Der at the altar of Christina’s wedding) but i keep coming back. Even Chris watches now!

    E – I will be SO mad if they break them up!! I see where they’re going with the whole “Yang wants to be the best doctor at all costs” storyline, but they’re my favorite couple!! And, I think that breaking up Sloan/Lexie was just a ploy to get Izzie involved in the storyline and I’m SO over Katherine Heigl (on Grey’s at least, I admit to loving her romantic comedy movies) and just want Alex to move on, but not with icky Reed 🙂

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