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Golden Globes January 17, 2010

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Is anyone else watching the Golden Globes?  I cannot believe Mad Men beat out Dexter AND True Blood for Best Drama…apparently the Hollywood Foreign Press is obsessed with Mad Men (per my darling husband’s research, Chris was a film major in college, so I trust him blindly in this category) and as long as they’re in the category they’ll win.

Did you see Anna Paquin tonight?  She looked adorable!  And Michael C Hall – didn’t realize he had cancer, but per a quick review of the internet it’s currently in remission.  Fingers crossed for him.


3 Responses to “Golden Globes”

  1. EE Says:

    I was watching the red carpet bit while treadmilling it up earlier tonight. It was a little mind-numbing, but I am not the award show type.

    We love Dexter. And Cody loves True Blood, so I’ll tell him your news. He’ll be sad.

  2. hogeruns Says:

    I try to be an award show person…but really, I can only take an hour or so max before needing to move on.

  3. a.m. Says:

    I didn’t watch it but I think HFP are giving Mad Men as many awards so it will stay on. I don’t think it’s going to last very long. I’ll have to check out the results. Was Ricky Gervais at least funny?
    I love Tina Fey’s acceptance speech last year.

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