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House Update January 18, 2010

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Thank you all for crossing your everything’s!  Chris and I are in mega-limbo right now, the contract system has gone all electronic (at least here in CO), so we can see on-line that the sellers signed the contract back to us and counter-offered at sometime before midnight last night, but until our realtor gets into the office we have no idea what they countered with.  Ugh!  Pins and needles!  It is going to be a long morning…based on our offer we have a few ideas of how they countered and how we’ll counter-counter and at what point we’ll just walk away, but I just want to know now!

With that, I’m back to work!  Have a wonderful Monday all!


3 Responses to “House Update”

  1. EE Says:

    Good luck, good luck.

    Why did I read your post and spout off “A counteroffer equals a rejection”? Oh, because I’m a NERDY contracts tutor.

  2. hogeruns Says:

    Hahaha, I love that you are thinking the same way I am…i’m just a nerdy accountant – but knowing that BOTH the husband and wife seller are CPAs…I assume I’m not going to like their counter offer one bit!

  3. sec Says:

    Good luck dearie!!!

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