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January Month in Review February 1, 2010

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Jumping on the bandwagon along with a few of my favorite other bloggers – here is my January recap:

Miles ran:  22.7

Time spent running:  3 hours 52 minutes 59 seconds

Cross training:  Yoga…times 1 🙂

This was a low month, but, I’m not sad about it – those 22.7 miles I ran are 22.7 more than quite a few people I know, and I know that it was a rough month with lots of outside influences going on.  I have my running clothes on my desk – ready to start February out on a running note in a couple hours!!


3 Responses to “January Month in Review”

  1. EE Says:

    GREAT job this month, and I’m glad you posted. It’s nice to be able to give encouragement!

    I don’t watch awards shows… I’m kind of a pisser about that. I get annoyed by a lot of famous people. Oops.

  2. divasrun Says:

    I need to also post my month in review!

    WTG on the miles! YOu’ve been at work, slaving away AND buying a home!!!

    Here’s to more running miles in Feb.!!!


  3. great month! that’s 22.7 miles more than most people run 🙂

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