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Ticking Tuesday February 2, 2010

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Ticking because I feel like a time bomb is going to explode at any minute.  I’m down to the last 2 weeks before issuing the quarterly report and feel wound tighter than…I don’t even know, my brain can’t do analogies today 😦  Tomorrow I have a big meeting where I lead a discussion with the likes of the CFO, controller, head legal counsel, etc to discuss all changes to the draft this quarter.  Then, tomorrow after that I have another smaller meeting.  Tuesday of next week is the “big one” – the draft that is sent out to the biggest big wigs of the company and has to essentially be complete, it always makes me nervous I’m going to miss something (easy to do in 100+ pages of Word documents) and then be fired. Ok, that’s worst case scenario, but you know what I mean 🙂 After Tuesday’s draft it’s all down hill…pretty much.

Aside from freaking out/living in my cubicle (was here about 55-60 hours last week and looking like maybe a little less this week) I did get a run in yesterday!  3.51 miles in 35 minutes and 51 seconds.  It was a beautiful day and felt so good to get outside!  I’m actually heading out for today’s run in about 10 minutes, have a teeny bit of anxiety to work off 😉

I owe you lots of food pictures – hopefully I’ll get home before 8 tonight and can share them with you!

Happy Tuesday all!!


3 Responses to “Ticking Tuesday”

  1. divasrun Says:

    Great job on the miles! And you will do great on your presentation! Deep breaths!


  2. EE Says:

    Remember: no one else knows as much as what you are presenting than you. And even if that’s not true, believe it. Own it, and you’ll rock it. Love ya!

  3. so as much as nerves suck they tell me that you care A LOT about what youre doing. you know this stuff better than any one else and will ROCK this thang 🙂

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