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Giveaway Time! February 7, 2010

Hi Bloggies!!  I am still alive, but ridiculously tired at the moment.  This week was a blur – I was in the office 58-60 hours + 10ish hours of commuting…so I’m one tired lady!

I promise to get back into being a better blogger this week, but here are a few quick highlights of the past week:

Monday – ran 3.5 miles

Tuesday – ran 4.03 miles

Friday – got the mega draft mailed out and came home at 4 (and saw the sun!!!)

Saturday – ran 2.97 miles

Today – ran 6.01 miles

There were some great dinners scattered throughout the week, Sunday last week I made a big pot of crockpot taco chicken – I mixed a can of Rotel, about 1/2 a can of water, taco seasoning, red pepper flakes, chili powder and cumin and then added 4 organic chicken breasts on top. I cooked these on high for about 7 hours (starting with frozen chicken) and it turned out great!  Sunday night we made gorditas, later in the week we had wraps on whole-wheat tortillas and enchilada casserole.  Chris has been doing an awesome job of cooking these last few weeks while I’ve been living at work.

Did you see the season premiere of Lost Wednesday?  I didn’t make it home til part way through the 2nd hour, but we’re doing to try to watch this season and see if the writers really can answer all the questions in one season.  And Grey’s this week?  Not the best episode in my opinion, it was kind of like filler for next week’s episode/the rest of the season.  I haven’t watched this week’s episode of Vampire Diaries yet, but did catch Secret Diary of a Call Girl last night.  Now you probably hate me after I admit to watching…it’s not porn, it’s a hilarious show, I promise!!  I love Belle, the hooker with a heart ❤ 🙂

  • Moving on…This week I got a awesome little surprise from the kind folks at Safeway and Fiber One (courtesy of My Blog Spark).  Apparently the new Fiber One yogurts have been making a big splash in the blog world including the big time food blogger – Hungry Girl.  Check out what she has to say about the Fiber One yogurt here. In addition to an awesome coupon to try the Fiber One yogurt for free, I received a $50 gift card to the Safeway Family of stores (Safeway, Dominick’s, Von’s, Tom Thumb, Randalls, and Genuardi’s)…so obviously Friday night Chris and I hit the new Safeway in our neighborhood up for some shopping (after a buy-one-get-one night at Tokyo Joe’s and a puppy visit at the mall, of course). The new Safeway has been mega-renovated to have about 1/4 of the store look very Whole Foods like.  Aisle upon aisle of organic goodies and even a DIY peanut/almond/cashew butter bar!  Chris tried the peanut + chocolate chip butter and I tried the honey roasted peanut butter (from the machines that just mash the nuts). If we hadn’t bought a GIANT jar of organic PB at Costco last weekend, we would have bought both flavors!  We tried to focus on healthy things at Safeway, but some naughty bits wound up in the cart as well.  With our $50 gift card + $24 of our own dollars we purchased:
  • 6-pack of Stella Artois pale ale
  • 6-pack of Dundee Honey Brown ale (did I mention the remodeled Safeway has a full liquor store??)
  • 4-pack of Fiber One yogurt in vanilla
  • Freschetta ham & pineapple Rising Crust pizza
  • Turkey pepperoni
  • 3 bags of chips (they were buy 2 get one free) – Cool Ranch Doritos, Nacho Cheese Doritos and MultiGrain Tostitos
  • Bag of Malt-o-Meal Cinnamon Toast Crunch
  • 2 cans of baked beans
  • 1 bag of onion buns
  • 1 People magazine (The Duggar’s were on the cover, I couldn’t resist)
  • 1 bagged salad mix
  • 1 onion
  • 1 can of peeled whole tomatoes
  • 1 box of organic free-range chicken stock
  • …and a few other things I’m completely spacing.

All said it was a really good trip to Safeway and the commercials about Safeway lowering their prices really did seem true – nearly everything had a “just reduced” sticker on it!

I will be giving my review of the Fiber One yogurt this week – if you have a chance to make it to your Safeway Family store by Tuesday February 9th – don’t forget to try a pack or 2 of Fiber One yogurt, they are on special this week, 2-4 packs for $4!

Safeway, Fiber One and My Blog Spark are so excited about this promotion they have offered to give one lucky reader their very own $50 Safeway Family of Stores Giftcard.  All you need to do is respond to this post by 5pm on Tuesday the 9th telling me which grocery store is your favorite and why.  I’ll pick a winner during my evening post Tuesday!

Have a wonderful Superbowl Sunday bloggies!!


12 Responses to “Giveaway Time!”

  1. a.m. Says:

    Great job on getting your run in this week. I hope work slows down for you.
    Score on your Safeway deal!

  2. Maureen Says:

    I go to Dominicks.
    They have some of the best produce around.

  3. awesome giveaway! i actually love stop and shop. i think it’s because it’s the grocery store that my mom shops at so i grew up with it.

  4. EE Says:

    OK, I feel kind of stupid.

    Are we supposed to say what grocery store in general is our favorite, or which arm of the Safeway family we like? I have never encountered a Safeway where I live. Sorry to be a moron! 😉

  5. ellenrunsnyc Says:

    Well we only shop at costco, cause we never cook really.

    BUT, when I am at C’s we always go to the safeway there which I love, because a) there is a starbucks next door and b) EVERYTHING is always on special or has some sort of deal. It’s like the bargain of grocery shopping! Last time I was there, they had avocados for $.99 when we got the receipt back, we had saved over 7 dollars on avocados alone. Got to LOVE that!

  6. Deanna G. Says:

    Safeway’s my favorite because it’s super close to my house & they have pretty much everything I need! 🙂

  7. divasrun Says:

    I love Fresh Market because they provide a gourmet shopping experience – classical music in the background, the smell of rosemary roasted chicken, and it’s always nice to sample their coffee flavors while I shop. The produce is always super fresh and they have fabulous breads and great deals going on in the meat and fish departments. I have always purchased my Thanksgiving turkeys from them as well!


  8. LT Says:

    Great job on keeping those miles up while working so much! You’re amazing, Sarah! I really hope things at work slow down a little, so life can return to normal for you.

    We pretty much do all of our shopping at our local Co-op and we LOVE IT. We made this switch about 2 years ago, as we started to learn and care more about where our food came from and what we were eating. They carry SO much local produce/products. They have an awesome produce section where EVERYTHING is organic. They have an amazing bluk food section with much of it organic and well priced. They have any sort of specialty item you could imagine.

    The employees of the Co-op are so friendly and helpful. It’s a good place to work, so they get people who care about what they do and are passionate about good food. Every second Wednesday of the month, all members (which we are!) get 10% off their entire trip. Very nice bonus!

    They also have an awesome deli/bakery- with many vegan treats and the best tofu sandwhiches in town!

    Love love love the Co-op!

  9. EE Says:

    OK, if we’re talking all grocery stores, then I am infatuated with Trader Joe’s. The prices are reasonable, the food is unique, and the gimmicky high seas stuff is fun.

    • Wendi P Says:

      Safeway is the store that I shop at the majority of the time. Trader Joe’s is the other place I shop for groceries.

      parodi821 at yahoo dot com

  10. Sandy S. Says:

    I love Safeway. You bought great stuff. Thanks for the chance to win!

  11. I think your blog is good. I found it on Yahoo.

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