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Evening Folks! February 23, 2010

I  hope you all had a great Tuesday…I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for spring.  Ok…side note – the South Korean figure skater favored to win the women’s short program….they just announced she makes approximately $8M-$9M USD in endorsements/etc.  Holy guacamole!

I got home at 8 tonight…so tonight’s post will be short and to the point 🙂  Eats today included some pasta salad I threw together for lunch- it had leftover “sea shell” pasta, balsamic vinaigrette, olives, tomatoes and celery.  It was good, but it needed someting else – maybe cubed cheese or chicken, just something to add more texture/staying power.

Afternoon snacks included some unpictured pistachios, dried fruit and a sea salt caramel bar.

Before lunch, I snuck out for a run and got in just over 2 miles in about 21 minutes.  It was relaly nice out – cold, but sunny!  It was nice to get back into the swing of things.  Just about 6 weeks til the Platte River 1/2 marathon, and then 2 weeks after that is the Greenland Trail 25k, so I have mega-motivation to be consistent over the next few weeks…do you hear that work, I need to get home at a decent hour and take a lunch break 🙂 Hehe.  Right.

I’m sorry this was kind of a dull post, my brain is toast and I’m sooooo looking forward to crawling into the new bed and going to sleep.  Later this week I promise a Bora Bora granola giveaway, pictures of the new apartment, and some coherent commentary 😉

Have a great Wednesday!


6 Responses to “Evening Folks!”

  1. Jessica Says:

    I’m jealous of the people who can just “whip something up” from what they have in their kitchen… I need a recipe and a ton of planning just to make a non-processed dinner!

    • hogeruns Says:

      I definitely used to need a recipe, and for some stuff – like baking, I always still stick with a recipe. But, over the years I’ve gotten more comfortable just trying to throw things together to make something new. I’ve actually even noticed Chris doing it as well – doctoring things up in ways I wouldn’t have thought!

  2. EE Says:

    Am I correct that work kinda keeps building and getting crazier for the next couple of months? I agree that you need a lunch break that’s substantial . . . or a, um, go-walk-and-clear-head break, at the very least.

    • hogeruns Says:

      Ugh, yes!! I have one filing that should hopefully be finished in the next week or so and then I’ll start right into the one that’s due the second week of May. But, then there will be a nice long break (complete with a 9/80 work schedule where I get every other Friday off) until the first week of July when it starts back up again 🙂

  3. divasrun Says:

    Love that pasta salad! Hey, what happened to your sunshine post? I was going to comment on it but it disappeared!


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