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Shutter Island Giveaway March 14, 2010

There has been such a great response and I’ve seen so many people posting on Twitter/Facebook that they are interested in reading Shutter Island that I am going to throw my copy out into the mix.  It is in great condition, read only once, and comes from a smoker free household (duh, hehe).  The only thing I ask is that you promise to pass it on when you’re done reading.  Donate it to goodwill, give it to a friend, leave it on the bus…doesn’t matter much to me (or, if you’re really motivated, create a FREE Swaptree account and trade it for a new book).  I’ve received so many great books through Swaptree (and seen books laying on the bus, they just haven’t been my cup of tea) and I think it’s a great way to keep reading almost for free (just pay shipping if you use Swaptree!) and is also good for the environment!

Also, because I’m so excited about this “pay it forward” giveaway, and can definitely see doing these in the future when I get a big response about a book review, I’m also going throw in $20 Fandango Bucks.  Fandango’s a great site to find movie times, buy tickets on line, and read movie reviews.  They are partnered with theaters all over the nation, so you’re sure to find one near you.

Just leave a comment below by Midnight on Tuesday March 16th telling me what is your favorite book to movie adaptation and why, and I’ll let random.org pick a winner Wednesday morning!

So…who wants a free book and a trip to the movies?  😀


7 Responses to “Shutter Island Giveaway”

  1. omg i LOVE this. not only the goodies but the passing along books. my friends and i have been doing this forever and as well as me and my gma 🙂

    soooo my favorite book to movie adaptation? i guess the wizard of oz because they’re so different in my eyes and i get different things out of each of them. in general i don’t like book to movie adaptations.

    oh and harry potter was great too because the movies stay really true to the books imho 🙂

  2. a.m. Says:

    I love this too! Big thumbs up on swaptree. Thank you for introducing that site to me. I haven’t found many good books to movie adaptations, so I’m interested to see what others put up. I’ve never read nor watched Harry Potter but maybe I should start.

    I guess my suggestion would be “Shopgirl.” It’s the only movie that I loved more than the book.

  3. ellenrunsnyc Says:

    oooo count me in.

    I am going to go with twilight. yummo men.

  4. EE Says:

    Ooooh, I normally HATE book-to-movie adaptations, so I think I am going to go with Gone With the Wind because I like Vivien Leigh as Scarlett.

    Also, I miss you and hope you are well.

  5. divasrun Says:

    My favorite adaptation is Bridget Jones’ Diary although both movie and book make me laugh raucously. They’re both fairly parallel but although there are a few differences and things left out of the movie from the book, they can both stand on their own merits. British humor is so much fun!


  6. Chris Says:

    My favorite short story to movie adaptation was the Shawshank Redemption. All told it was only around 100 pages, fitting perfectly into a movie adaptation. Begin only a few minor differences from Steven Kings version, that and its my favorite movie, has made it my #1.

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