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Weekend Update March 15, 2010

As promised I’m back for a long weekend update 🙂

First off, these heavenly brownies which Zesty tipped me off to (from the Nestle Tollhouse Website).  Heavenly!  I’ll let you click through to the original recipe, but here is the gist (with illustrations, obviously):

#1 – Gather your ingredients – mainly, you’ll need butter (I used canola oil butter since it’s what we have on hand), a boxed cake mix (I know, **gasp**), a can of evaporated milk, a bag of chocolate chips and a bag of caramel chips.

#2 – Combine the cake mix, melted butter and part of the evaporated milk, the mix will be sticky so if you have a whisk + scraper combo, time to break it out 🙂 (I got mine for Christmas!):

#3 – Spread about 1/2 of the gooey mixture into an ungreased baking pan and place into a preheated oven and bake for about 10 minutes:

#4 – While the first layer is baking, combine the remaining evaporated milk and caramels in a heavy saucepan and stir, stir, stir until you end up with a lucious caramel sauce ;):

#5 – Once the brownies are done with round #1 in the oven, pour the bag of chocolate chips on top and drizzle with the caramely goodness (and put the pan into soak, stat, or the dishwasher in the house will yell 🙂 ):

#6 – Top with dollops of the remaining brownie mixture, and bake for about 25 minutes or until set:

#7 – Try not to devour all the ooey gooey goodness in one sitting:

MMMMMM….I’m drooling just thinking about how awesome these brownies are.  And, I have to say they are better a day or so after you make them when the caramel/chocolate chips have created a perfectly chewy center layer.  Yum…..seriously, make.these.brownies!

Saturday night I was inspired by Kristin over at IowaGirlEats and made leftover meatloaf paninis.  I had made BBQ turkey meatloaf earlier in the week and we had a couple slices left to eat.  First, I canola oil buttered 2 slices of bread for each of our sandwiches (Sara Lee Wheat):

And slathered BBQ sauce on the other side of each slice:

Topped with super thin layers of Colby Jack:

Crumbled turkey meatloaf and lots of BBQ sauce on top:

Then put the layers together and place in a very hot pan….and mash!  I placed a piece of foil over the sandwich then topped with another skillet, a piece of foil and a GIANT jar of Ragu.

Wait a couple minutes and flip…and end up with this yummy smashed sammy:

On the side we had some of these super quick and yummy potatoes:

I know, I know, powdered potatoes.  How very un-food blogger of me…um.  They’re GOOD.  Seriously, I love to make homemade mashed potatoes, but I have to admit that in college powdered mashed potatoes and jar gravy were my comfort food, my grandpa even sent me a care package once that was full of them 🙂  It’s the little things…

And finally for this long update, last night!  I am trying three new recipes this week all from Cooking Light’s website.  The first is Bacon Mac & Cheese. Holy yum.  Normally cheese sauce and I do not get along, my last try before Sunday night turned into a plasticy gloppy mess, which C was a trooper and tried to eat…poor guy.  (Now if he’d just let me live down the chutney incident…)  I’ll let you click through to the original recipe, and I’ll admit it does get a bit hairy in the middle when you need a third hand to measure and whisk the milk/soup together while you’re also whisking a pan of milk/flour, but on the whole, this recipe turned out great.  I made a double batch and will be eating lots of mac and cheese for lunch this week 😀 I will also be an honest food blogger and admit that I did end up burning the flour a smidge (ok, burnt to bits if I’m being really honest) but that’s nothing a slotted spoon won’t fix 😉  For cheese I used about 1/2 a cup of Colby Jack on top and an entire bag (the smallish size…I think it’s 8 ounces?) of Kraft Natural 2% Italian blend cheese for the main sauce.  Sooo good.  The dill/onion powder/garlic powder combo really made a great, unique flavor.

To go with our bacon mac, we had BBQ turkey burgers with bacon (obviously)…we don’t eat much bacon around the Hoge Runs house (I’m actually terrified of starting a grease fire, so Chris handles all the bacon cooking) so we went all out last night.  I topped my burger with some Kraft Fat Free ranch and Grumpy’s BBQ sauce, the same BBQ which made an appearance in our turkey meatloaf and meatloaf panini’s, isn’t it a cute bottle?

I finished our burgers under the broiler, so they were ooey gooey perfection.

And with that, I need to pack my lunch and lay out my running clothes for tomorrow.  I hope you all had a great Monday…4 more days til the weekend!


2 Responses to “Weekend Update”

  1. Jessica Says:

    I’m terrified of grease fires too, so I always microwave bacon and its just as good. It doesn’t work well with all brands, but two that turn out great are jennie O and oscar meyer, and we always make turkey bacon. I like mine crispy so I just cook it a bit longer than the package says (but check while cooking so it doesn’t burn!). Do you have a link for those turkey burgers?

  2. hogeruns Says:

    We totally cheated and the turkey burgers are organic/frozen/store bought 🙂 One way I love to make DIY turkey burgers is mix the ground turkey with parmesan, garlic powder and “burger seasoning” (I think it’s McCormick’s brand) and then grill/pan cook as usual. The parmesan adds a little extra something! We used to have turkey bacon when we’d eat it more often…but now it’s a special occasion thing so we use “real” bacon and buy uncured/no nitrate/no nitrate brands which are still delish!

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